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The Liturgical Year in Our Home - July - Month Dedicated to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus

Source: Wikimedia

My July Pinterest Board

Marian Antiphon:  Salve Regina

Hymn for the month: Glory Be To Jesus

Recipes for July: Catholic Cuisine

Printable: page for the month of July  

Feasts our family will celebrate: 

(Note: I thought to add this in here as I started out this series (The Liturgical Year in Our Home) just listing the feasts we celebrate in particular in our home but, as someone who has a great interest in holy pictures, it has turned into a calendar of all the saints of the month I can find pictures for.  So I thought to add this section so you can see what we actually do.  I try to read a little about the saint or feast of every day if I can.  Sometimes I will give the younger children a colouring page.   But for the feasts listed below I will try to set our dining table nicely for our evening meal with an appropriate tablecloth, flowers, an icon, and serve special food or cake.  We might also listen to an online sermon on the feast or saint.)

1st  The Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ
2nd The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Our enthronement anniversary)
5th St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria  (A patron saint)
16th Our Lady of Mount Carmel
26th St. Anne  (A patron saint)

Our Home Oratory for July

I got the idea for the red ribbon and chalice from Anne of Under Her Starry Mantle (a fellow Aussie) many years ago now.  Anne hasn't written anything for a good long while now but follow the link over and have a look at her excellent idea's for a July home oratory.  

Calendar for July

July 1st Precious Blood

The Crucifixion, Unknown, 15th C  Source: Wikimedia

July 2nd  Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Visitation, Karl von Blaas  Circa 1850  Source: Wikimedia

The Visitation, Vincente Masip  Between circa 1540 and circa 1545  Source: Wikimedia

July 3rd St. Irenaeus


July 5th  St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria

July 6th  St. Maria Goretti

Source: Wikimedia

July 7th St's Cyril and Methodius

Source: Wikimedia

July 8th St Elizabeth , Queen of Portugal

Source: Wikimedia

July 9th  St. John Fisher

Source: Wikipedia

July 12th Sts. Louis and Zelie Martin

St. Zelie Source: Wikimedia                        St. Louis  Source: Wikimedia

July 14th St. Bonaventure

Source:Catholic Saints Info

July 14t St. Kateri Tekakwitha

Source: Wikimedia

July 15th St. Henry

Source: Wikimedia

July 16th Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Colouring page (requires a purchase)


July 18th St. Camillus de Lellis

Source: Wikimedia

July 19th St. Vincent de Paul


July 20th St. Jerome Emiliani

Source: Wikimedia

July 21st St. Lawrence of Brindisi

Source: Wikimedia

July 22nd St. Mary Magdalen

St. Mary Magdalen, Carlo Dolci (between 1644 and 1646)   Source: Wikimedia

July 25th St. James the Greater

 Apostle James the Greater, Antonio Veneziano  circa 1384   Source: Wikimedia

July 25th St. Christopher

Saint Christopher and the Christ Child, Anonymous  Late 16th Century  Source: Wikimedia

July 26th St. Anne

Source: Papa Stronsay Pictures

July 29th St. Martha

Source: Wikimedia

July 31st St. Ignatius of Loyola

St Ignatius of Loyola, Peter Paul Rubens  1600's Source: Wikimedia


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