Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Our Home Oratory - Ascension

If you saw my post for our May oratory you might notice some differences here.  I fixed a bookstand I had, to put the central icon of the Ascension on (to think how long it lay unfixed for the want of two minutes with a hot glue gun!)  This then meant the 'Alleluia' could no longer fit above the icon as shown in the May oratory pictures.  So while I had the hot glue gun out fixing the book stand I glued the letters back on the wood board that I usually have them on, but then could only fit them off to the side.  The statue of Our Lady in now 'crowned'.  I meant to take pictures of our parishes crowning of Our Lady but only remembered my camera when we were on the freeway.  I have also been sorting through my holy pictures and decided that two new frame I bought, for a $1 each (! ) meant I could display a picture of the Immaculate Heart of Mary that I've long meant to get a frame for, plus I moved our St. Joseph with the Divine Infant picture from the larger frame I had it in to the matching frame.  

Thought I'd show our prayer books (on the left) which I usually take off for photo's, so you can see where we put things. (I'm hoping to do some posts soon with more details on home oratories)
The bookstand on the right usually has Epistles and Gospels for Pulpit Use displayed but it is also used for prayer books or books used for lectio divina /meditation (providing they will stay open nicely).  Note: Fr. Folsom mentions a booklet for reading in the link I gave, 'Daily Bible Reading With The Church' by Benedict Avery O.S.B.  An excerpt of this booklet seems to be available as a pdf here (goes directly to pdf download.)  But I also found the following which might be of interest: Lectio Divina: A Year-Long Cycle According to the Traditional Roman Liturgy
The little glass bowl is for holy water.  The brass thingy to the right of St Gabriel is an incense burner.

Ds7 was particularly pleased with the green flowers, green being his favourite colour.  All the frames on the little little oratory are plastic so that Ds7 is safe in picking them up and looking at them, which he often does proclaiming how beautiful they are.  The little silver dish on the right holds holy water and the larger dish on the left holds our rosaries.  

Our icon corner in our dining room.

My desk.  A picture of the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer on the right.  I have a great love for priests and religious orders.  I have a prayer book for praying for priests (Prayer Crusade for Priests) and there are several orders that I pray for and keep a track of via newsletters or their online websites.  I'd like to get a large frame and put pictures of each of these different orders in it.  I'll list these orders below for those who might be interested. (The tiny picture of a priest is Fr. Willie Doyle SJ)
 The Benedictine Adorers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Montmartre (Tyburn Nuns)  This is my order as an oblate which I joined in 2002.  (Novus Ordo.  Various monasteries throughout the world.)

The Benedictine Monks of Silverstream Priory  (County Meath, Ireland.  They have an excellent blog here: Vultus Christi

Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles (Nuns. Missouri, United States)

Notre Dame Priory (Benedictine monks in Tasmania, Australia)

The Monks of Norcia  (Benedictine.  Italy)

Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer  (Redemptorists.  Papa Stronsay, Scotland.  Also Christchurch, New Zealand) Their blog

A beautiful painting that found its way to my table :)

On mothers day after Mass I was telling a lady how we don't have any flowers in our garden.  When I got home one of the children gave me a card they had made for me and some dandelions which you can see in the above picture.  The other flowers you can see in the vase were 'picked' from the flowers on our oratory to give to me.  So they are desperate for flowers, I must grow some :)  Our entire yard is very shaded though so I'm not certain where would be a good place for them.  


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