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Holy Week Through Easter - Our Home Oratory

I had planned to post these pictures at Easter but the day after my Palm Sunday post, Picasa stopped working.  I've used it since I began blogging and not really being an 'up with technology' type person it has taken me a little while to work out how to at least post these pictures until I can find something to replace Picasa.  

(Here are my photo's from Ash Wednesday through to Palm Sunday)

Spy Wednesday 

Holy Thursday

On the right is the Passion Clock flip book which starts at 6pm on Holy Thursday.  This was a good place for it opposite our dining table which is central in our house.  The children would notice when the hour changed and flip the page for me.

Good Friday 

A display on our dining table.  

My personal icon/reading/prayer spot.

At 2.30pm

Set up for the Stations of the Cross.  The baby's playpen was set up in front of the oratory so she could be contained and play quietly while we prayed.  

At 3pm

After the Stations.  Dh was at work so I uncovered the Cross and held it for the children to venerate after the Stations.

We use the adult Stations of the Cross.

At 6pm

These next few pics I took the next morning before making changes for the Saturday as I don't like taking photo's with the flash and it was too dark even using a tripod to get good pictures in the evening (the picture above taken in the evening was at least okay).

Epistles and Gospels For Pulpit Use (Angelus Press)

A little too dark.  Sometimes when you are a busy mum you notice these things too late ;)

Holy Saturday

In the evening I changed the black cloth over the icon (reflecting the liturgical colour for the day) to white.  Note:  Just looked in my 1962 missal and it gives the liturgical colours for Saturday as Violet-White, not Black-Gold (White) which is on my calendar...hmmmm, maybe I should put a violet cloth instead of black next time on the Saturday.

Easter Sunday

I wanted lots of flowers for our Easter display but knew I wouldn't be able to afford as many as I would like and so  I got some photocopies of flowers (in the centre) printed up to help out ha ha ;)  I'm hoping to plant some flowers soon that we can use for displays.  It can be $6 for 6 carnations here.  Time to grow some instead.

I was really pleased with our Resurrection icons.  I ordered a few different icons online for use during Lent/Easter.  Some disappointed, others were 'okay'.  The Resurrection icons I ordered from Ebay.  The photo's of them weren't very clear but after finding better quality photo's of what seemed to be the same item elsewhere on the internet (but much more expensive) decided to get them anyway.  Ebay showed they would arrive in time... until after I bought the pictures at which point it showed they may arrive after Easter!  So I said a little prayer and hoped for the best.  They arrived around Spy Wednesday.  They were just what I was hoping for, good quality, a sharp image, and have a lovely gold sheen which always ticks the box for me for something for Christmas/Easter :)

My lens won't allow me to capture the whole scene (which is a shame) but here is a glimpse anyway of our dining table and display in the background.  I always cover our tablecloths in clear plastic.  This way you have a clean tablecloth for the season and not for 5 minutes before someone draws on the tablecloth or smears chocolate on it etc. lol  (edit:  I should have really taken a shot that better showed what the table cloth looked like.  I use a white tablecloth with gold threads running through it (under-layed by another white tablecloth for a nicer finish).  A gold sequin table runner that drapes over the edge.  And a small square tablecloth that is embroidered with flowers as a center.)

I engraved the candle with a paper-clip.  It was a bit difficult but still worked quite well.  I used a paper stencil for the Cross but the rest was done free hand.  Once the engraving is done you paint over the whole area getting the paint into the crevices and then you wipe it off.

Our Merciful Cross now decorated with flowers (thanks to DD1) and with the beautiful Alleluia's drawn by the children before lent.

The children's little oratory.  

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