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The Liturgical Year in Our Home - April - Month Dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament

Christ the Saviour With the Eucharist, Juan de Juanes  1545-1550  Source: Museo Del Prado

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The Liturgical Year in Our Home - Septuagesima - Lent

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Marian Antiphon:  Ave Regina Caelorum   Sing until Holy Saturday, then from Easter Sunday on sing:
Regina Caeli (as sung for Compline)  Regina Caeli  (As you would sing it instead of the Angelus, from Easter until Pentecost)

Hymn for the month: Sweet Sacrament Divine

Recipes for April: Catholic Cuisine

Our Home Oratory for April:

5th April  St. Vincent Ferrer

Colouring page  (this links directly to a pdf)  Blog link (This is the blog link for the colouring page.  When you click on it you then have to search for the colouring page which is why I linked the page directly.  You can see the painting the colouring page is drawn from from this link.)

Saint Vincent Ferrer, Joan de Joanes  1540-45  Source: Wikimedia

15th April St. Lydwina

Ludwig Seitz  1890  Source: Wikimedia

23rd April St. George

Colouring page

Source: Wikimedia

25th April St. Mark the Evangelist

Colouring Page St. Mark's Lion

From the Lindisfarne Gospels (710-721)  Source: Wikimedia
St. Mark looks like he had a bad nights sleep or two here, but it was very difficult to find a picture that is in the commons that didn't have a lion that looked a little on the spooky side (for children) and like it wanted to eat you for dinner.  The Lindisfarne Gospels are absolutely fascinating and worth looking at with your children.  You can see some pages online here.  They don't enlarge as much as I would like but still good.

26th April Our Lady of Good Counsel

Our Lady of Good Counsel, Pasquale Sarullo 1800's  Source: Wikimedia

c. 1356  Source: Wikimedia
Painting at Monastery in New Norcia, Western Australia    Source: Catholic Tradition

28th April St. Paul of the Cross


29th April St. Peter of Verona

Saint Peter the Martyr, Pedro Berruguete (between circa 1493 and circa 1499)  Source: Wikipedia

30th April St. Catherine of Siena

Colouring page

Andrea Vanni  c. 1400  (This was painted by someone who knew what St. Catherine looked like) Source: Wikimedia
St Catherine of Siena, Baldassare Franceschini  (17th C.)  Source:Wikimedia


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