Sunday, March 18, 2018

Around Our Home This Lent - 2018

Our Ash Wednesday poster on our buffet.

Our King Cake from Shrove Tuesday.

Our daily lenten prayer in the front.

I had the picture of St Joseph and the infant Jesus elsewhere in the house but decided to put it on the little ones oratory.  This turned out to be a good choice as I discovered that Ds7 really loves this picture.  He keeps taking it down  to take a look at it.  All the frames on our oratory are Ikea Fiskbo frames which have plastic and not glass.  This means I don't have to worry about Ds7 dropping the frame.  He has a little look and then puts it back nicely.  He likes his little oratory.  He likes arranging it too.

A cute aside.  I did a photo-shoot of Dd8 (15months) the other day and used a white tablecloth draped over her play pen as a backdrop.  She immediately went over and stood facing the cloth with her hands together to pray.  Apparently I had set up an altar rail ;)  

It is a bit hard to see on some of the other photo's but the dried flowers on our oratory are purple.  Not naturally, I bought them dyed that colour.  It is a Western Australian native plant (Stirlingia Latifolia) and its flower is naturally white/grey in colour.  These are the only flowers I have around our home during lent if I have any up at all.  I will take them down before Palm Sunday, put blessed palms around instead on Palm Sunday, and then nothing at all for Holy Week.  

The dish at the front holds the 'seeds' (for good deeds done) to put on the Merciful Cross pictured below, to 'bloom' at Easter.

Our lent posters up on our fridge.  

A lovely tablecloth I found in the 2nd hand store.  Sadly it is coming apart at the edges and in a couple of other places.  I will have to think on how to stop it getting worse.  It has a grape pattern which is a bit hard to see from this shot.
Ds7 is in the background in Dd8's play pen.  You can just see the little ones oratory in the background.

For St. Patricks day yesterday.  I cooked an Irish sultana loaf which tasted not too bad but wasn't photogenic.

My new personal prayer/reading/drawing table.  Dh made the table for me for my birthday after I liked one he made for Ds2 to study on.  I don't usually have flowers up during lent and if so they are dried flowers.  These dried flowers are of significance however because I picked them from my grandad's garden after his funeral the week before lent.  (Please of your kindness say a prayer for his soul!  Thank you!!)

Passiontide Veils

This is opposite our dining table.  I would show a larger view but I only have one lens at the moment, a portrait lens, and I can't get the whole room in.    I had to squeeze up against a wall just to get this picture lol.

Trying to show here a statue of Our Lady veiled up on top of our buffet.  

Edit: After an inspiration I have decided to do things a little differently this year. To begin the season of Passion-tide I  have now veiled every picture, even those on the Passion of Christ which I usually leave uncovered.  I will then uncover certain pictures at certain times.  For example on the feast of St. Benedict I will unveil a picture of the saint on that day. A picture of Our Lady of Sorrows on her feast, which is the Friday before Good Friday.  On Palm Sunday, a picture of Jesus entry into Jerusalem.  Then during Holy week, pictures according to the time-line of events of the Passion, with many pictures on Christ's Passion available for meditation on Good Friday.  

So here is how our various oratories look now.  

On the bottom left is the frame where I will display a picture of St. Benedict and Our Lady of Sorrows on their feast days.
Up the top in the white space I will put the Palm Sunday picture and then change to different pictures according to the timeline of events of the Passion.

Editing again to add in photo's of what I'm talking about above.

Edit: March 24th
A few times when going to our main oratory I would notice the veil had fallen off  from our picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour.  At first I thought it must've been blown off by wind from a nearby window.  I'd replace the veil and later on come back and it would be off again.  

Then I noticed a sticker on one of our other pictures.  The sticker was also of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour.  It was then I realised it was not the wind blowing off the lenten veil on our family room oratory but a little someone, Ds7.  I'm taking a guess that besides taking a liking to our picture of St. Joseph that this picture of Our Lady is also a favourite ;)

On the feast of Our Lady Of Sorrows
25th March - Palm Sunday

A very blessed Passiontide to you all!

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