Friday, October 13, 2017

Two Favourite Aussie Picture Books

Many years ago now I found a book called 'The Australian Mother Goose, Book II' by Colin Thiele in a local op-shop.  It has since been read so often that it fell apart and so I decided to track down another copy and see if I couldn't find a copy of Book I too.  I discovered that they have been re-printed under new titles.  Book I as 'Australian Nursery Rhymes' and Book II as 'Australian Animal Verses'.  The covers have changed but the rest is the same as with the original.  

Book 2

Book 1

Original cover.

When I first started reading picture books to my eldest child when she was just little I quickly realised there were some books I was happy to read over and over and others that I dreaded.  I decided to get rid of those that I didn't enjoy reading and to pick only those for our library which I felt added something to our family culture.  The Australian Mother Goose has stood the test of time in our family.  I often quote its poems when a situation arises which suits.  If I catch someone doing something they shouldn't I'll often say 'when I catch you by surprise, I suspect you and inspect you with my big and bulbous eyes' ;)  (A rhyme from book 2 which you can see above.)

Good picture books become family treasures.  Even so sometimes when you've read a book for the thousandth time it can be a bit tedious to read to the next baby or toddler, but when you pick it up and start reading you watch their enjoyment and enjoy yourself being part of sharing a good book.

I think the Australian Mother Goose will be best enjoyed by Australian's but is a good introduction to poetry for any young child.  

Both are available from Book Depository: Australian Nursery Rhymes and Australian Animal Verses 

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