Monday, October 30, 2017

The Liturgical Year In Our Home - November - Month Dedicated to the Holy Souls

I have just found out that I have adrenal fatigue.  I should recover soon with a change in diet, vitamins, and exercise, and from what I can tell I'm not too bad a case, mainly just a bit more tired than I'd like.  But that being so I'm just not finishing this post fast enough and so I thought to just post it anyway as there are quite a few links if you go to my pinterest boards for November and All Saint's Day.  I will be adding bits and pieces to this post as I can.  

November - Month Dedicated to the Holy Souls

November Pinterest Board

Hymn for the month: Help Lord the Souls that Thou Hast Made

Marian Antiphon for the Month: Salve Regina (until the Saturday the day before the first Sunday of Advent)                                        Alma Redemptoris Mater (From the first Sunday of Advent until February 2nd)

In Paradisum
Requiem Aeternam

1st  All Saint's (All Hallows')

My All Saint's Day Pinterest board (Also has links for All Hallows' Eve)

Activities:  A party either at our parish or at home.

Our Home Oratory

Sorry but this picture is blurry as I didn't realise it wasn't in focus when I took it. 
This is our home oratory for All Saint's day.  It changes again for All Souls day and remains that way throughout the rest of November.  The central image is of the saint's in heaven, on the right a picture of the Ressurection, Christ's victory over death, and on the left, Our Lady, Queen of Heaven. 

I always make sure to explain pictures like the one on the left to my children so they understand what they represent.

Our Parish

2nd  All Souls

I place two prayer cards on our home oratory for November.  The 'Eternal Rest...', and St. Gertrude's prayer for the souls in purgatory (both of which I have linked on my pinterest boards).  

16th  St. Gertrude V, Abbess

Saint Gertrude, Miguel Cabrera  Source:Wikimedia

21st The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

22nd St. Cecilia

Guercino - St. Cecilia  Source: Wikimedia
24th St John of the Cross

25th St Catherine of Alexandria
26th St Leonard of Port Maurice
27th Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
30th St. Andrew's day

The crucifixion of St Andrew, Mattia Preti  Source:Wikimedia

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