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The Liturgical Year in Our Home - January - Month Dedicated to the Most Holy Name of Jesus

January - Month Dedicated to the Most Holy Name of Jesus

Source: Commons Wikimedia

Hymn for the month:  Jesu Dulcis Memoria Score

Marian antiphon for the month: Alma Redemptoris Mater

My Pinterest board for January

(I will post pictures of our home oratory for each month but I can't find the ones I have for January)

1st The Circumcision of Our Lord Jesus Christ & The Octave of His Nativity

Presentation of Christ at the Temple, Giotto Source: WikiArt

2nd Feast of The Holy Name of Jesus

colouring page (This is a link to a free sample from a Church embroideries pattern book.  It is the Thistle and star pattern listed below.  Any of the embroidery patterns listed below can be used as colouring pages.)
17th Century Polish hymn
Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus
Embroidery pattern - IHS Grapes
Embroidery pattern - IHS Thistle and Star
Embroidery pattern - IHS Grapes and Wheat

Jesu, rex admirabilis - Palestrina
Jesu Decus Angelicum

The Epiphany
colouring page (direct link to pdf)


Adoration of the Magi by Giotto Source:Wikiart

The Holy Family

Colouring page (link goes straight to pdf)

Source: Catholic Tradition Blog

The Baptism of The Lord

Colouring page (link goes straight to pdf)

The Baptism of Christ, Giotto       Source: New Liturgical Movement

17th St Anthony, Abbot

'Saint Anthony Abbot Tempted by a Heap of Gold, ,Tempera on panel painting by the Master of the Osservanza Triptych, ca. 1435, Source:Wikimedia
21st St. Agnes, VM

Source: Papa Stronsay Pictures Blog (There is a link to download a poster size version of this picture at this site but sadly the link is broken)
29th St. Francis de Sales

Source:SVF Online
31st St. John Bosco


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