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An Unexpected Holiday

We had a pleasant surprise a few weeks back of an unexpected holiday to my hometown of Albany (Map), Western Australia.  My sister-in-law from Jakarta was finally able to arrange her holiday here.  She had told us of several possible dates when she might come.  The first had past and the second was days away and so didn't look too likely (She was waiting for her visa to be approved.  Australia is very strict on who can come into the country from Indonesia).  But then a message came, she would be coming in those few days after all.  

My mum just happened to be in Perth after returning from a holiday way up north and was going back to her home in Albany, which would coincide with my sil's arriving.  And before we knew it a holiday was planned.  Everything just fell into place, even Dh getting holiday leave approved with less than a weeks notice to his work!!  And off we went.  

(The day before we left the girls and I were attacked at our local petrol station.  Our suburb is not at all a high crime area but while parked at the petrol station in front of the shop where we stopped for a moment a man who looked to us to be behaving strangely walked behind our bus and tried to open up the back to get in.  Thankfully I had already started the engine and  we sped away while the fellow ran like a crazy thing after us.  The police were called and are after him.  I didn't realise the back of our bus was open!  We will be more vigilant from now on.  But were really ready for time away after that!)

Albany Airport

Albany is around 400 km (248 miles) south of Perth.  You reach it by way of Albany Highway which starts in Perth and ends in Albany.  It's a pretty straight road and not the most interesting.  Certainly not when you've gone up and down it as often as I have.  One of the landmarks that lets you know you are almost there is Albany airport.  
This is a rainbow over Albany's small airstrip on the outskirts of the town.  The Albany area is known for its rainbows.  We saw many while we were there.  
 At Grandma's house
We arrived in Albany late on Tuesday afternoon.  This is from our first morning.  Dh is in the background enjoying the dawn.  My mother in the foreground.

Golden Whistler

Of all the children Dd5 is the happiest to be photographed so there are quite a few photo's of her.  Dd1, Ds2, and Ds4 all avoid being photographed, so I have to do stealth photography or plead, ha!

Walking along a trail in my mothers garden.

A beautiful Pincushion Hakea be-dewed in the early morning.

Stealth photo hence not looking ;)

Dd5 by grandma's pond.

Aunty from Jakarta holding Dd8.  It was not too cold in Albany and quite warm with the fire going when inside.
 In the Town
This is by Shoal Bay which the town centre is situated upon.  (Quite a few photo's appear quite dull because they are underexposed.  I have fixed many but forgot for some.)

Out on the jetty on the bay.  Another little rainbow.

This picture was taken from my mum's cousins house on Mount Melville where we had a morning tea.  In the background is Mount Clarence.    The town centre is in picture between the two.

At Middleton beach

Dd5 on the jetty at Middleton beach.  This is where I used to swim as a girl.  One of my best memories of the place though was back in the mid? 80's when there was a big storm that washed loads of seaweed and 'treasures of the deep' up onto the seashore.  Would have given them a lot of trouble to clean up but oh what fun to walk through.  Shells of all types had washed up and were in good condition and various sea animals.  

I tried many times to get some shots of Ds2 but it was if the camera knew he didn't want his photo taken.  Practically every time I'd try the shots would be blurry.  (My camera is usually set to Auto as I'm often holding the baby when I take photos, but in low light it can be hit and miss.  Especially when the subject won't keep still ;)

So good to watch them having so much fun on holidays.


A nice picture of Ds6.  The slope was steep and he was having fun pretending to fall down and rolling about in the leaves.

Gumnut in her pocket.

Emu Point

Trying to get a photo of everyone in the air.  (Not long after this Dd5 on the far right went for an unplanned dip.  Thankfully it wasn't a really cold day!)

Running back to see how they went.

Back at my mums house

A Bronzewing Pigeon.

They were all playing on grandma's lawn but I only got this shot of Ds2 before the baby needed me.

Looking out beyond my mothers yard.

(Photo by Dd1)  A New Holland Honeyeater

Photo by Dd1

Photo by Dd1

(Photo by Dd1)  Straw Necked Ibis   These birds are supposed to be helpful for farmers but in the town they seem to be viewed as pests, particularly as their numbers seem to be increasing.

(Photo by Dd1)  Off to their next foraging spot.

Mount Clarence

These next four photo's are moving from right to left.  Middleton Beach is on the right and Oyster Harbour which is where Emu Point is located is the body of water in the background.  The golf course is the green patch on the left.

I think the small ranges on the horizon just right of centre are the Porongurups (I think! I've lost my local knowledge).  Beginning on the left are the Stirling Ranges.  Lake Seppings is the body of water on the left.

Trying here to show how steep it is up where these houses are.  They have beautiful views from up here but many of the blocks of land require innovative designs to account for the slope.  I remember my dad skateboarding down our street one day.  We didn't live here but somewhere close by which also has a steep slope on one side.  Crazy!! ;)
 Mount Clarence

We have lots of photo's of the National Anzac Centre from our last holiday.  I took just the one this time.  I stayed in the car while the baby slept and the family showed their Aunt around.

(photo by Dd3) At the top of Mount Clarence is the Anzac Memorial which you can just see here to the left of the phone towers (?)

(Photo by Dd3)  Australian Magpies

(Photo by Dd3) The steps up to the memorial are quite steep.  The baby was still asleep so I didn't get to climb all those was left to those with more energy ;)

Photo by Dd3

Photo by Dd3

Views from the monument

(Photo by Dd1) The Vancouver Peninsula.

(Photo by Dd1) Looking out toward the south.  Frenchman's Bay in front of the islands.  The ocean beyond.

(Photo by Dd1) The town.  

(Photo by Dd1) Looking across to Mount Melville.

(Photo by Dd3) Going back down again.

Middleton Beach

Looking toward Mount Clarence.

Dd8 6 months old.  We tried to see if we could take a picture of her by herself.    She can't sit yet so we were ready, just out of the shot, to grab her in case she toppled.  She slowly started leaning forward until we had to catch her.

A very much loved little girl!

The colours were just beautiful!  


A tired little fellow.

Love this shot!

The Albany Windfarm

Photo by Ds2

Again I was in the car with a sleeping baby.  This was the photographer for the wind farm photo's.

But not before I grabbed a shot of Ds4

And the snoozing baby.

Photo by Ds2

(Photo by Ds2) Just stunning coastline around Albany.  It truly is amazing as the tourist slogan for the region proclaims.

Photo by Ds2

Photo by Ds2

Photo by Ds2

Photo by Ds2

Photo by Ds2

Photo by Ds2

The Gap and the Natural Bridge

A picture looking across at the Gap from the car park.  Notice how it hangs over the edge!!

At the Gap looking back at the car park.  Place where the water gushes up on the front right.

Crazy people standing over the edge.

My chicken shot of the Gap. (Otherwise known as you could have seen more but I just couldn't) The bit in the middle is where the waves smash into the rock, showering the carpark with 'rain'

Looking out the ocean side.

There's that sea spray.  The waves weren't big on this day but it was enough to feel a light 'rain' in the carpark.  The wind were bracing! Lovely stuff!  I had a hat on the baby, jacket on her, plus jacket over the top of both of us, but when we got back to the car she had sand in her hair!

The Natural Bridge.

At the Natural Bridge looking back at the Gap.

A sign of just how windy it is here.  

Dh and Ds7 coming back from the Natural Bridge.

Salmon Holes Beach

See that big rock in the foreground.  Lives have been lost there by people being washed out into the water by big waves while they were fishing.  On the left you can see an anchor point which has been placed there in recent decades (?) which people are supposed to use for their safety should they dare to fish from here.  

This is the beach in front of that rock and is where my dad used to take me fishing as a girl.  

There didn't used to be this staircase when I had to climb back up with my dad.  Just sand that seemed to go on forever.

Photo by Ds4

A cheeky little Willie Wagtail only a metre or so away from where I was on the staircase.

My Great Grandpa and Great Grandma (Maternal)

I took these two photo's when we visited a great aunt.  I should have taken the photo frame off the wall for a good shot, but it still turned out okay.  I met my great grandpa when I was maybe 10, but not my great grandma, she had already passed away before I was born.

Back at grandma's again

That rose is a Sir Donald Bradman.  Wonderful colour and smell.  We bought a bush when we got back to Perth.

 Pink and Grey Galahs

An attempted family shot.  Grandpa is blurry though.  A problem with the lens.  When we got back to Perth it broke properly.  Ds6 is glum here because he just had dog poop on his boot. lol

This is where we usually park to go to the bakery which you will see in the next shot.  It has a  reputation as a good bakery.  It's good but not cheap.

Sweet, cute, blurry little baby!  Shouldn't have used autofocus!

We stopped in at the cheese factory.

These are Karri trees

How would you like to live here?

Let's take a closer look at that view!

Sweet gooey baby!

He's pinching my face to show his love.  There's no convincing him that pinch and love don't go together.  

You just don't realise how big Australian Pelicans are until they fly over.  We were sure to keep out of its flight path!

Yellow Billed Spoonbill  Dd1 wanted me to take a picture of this Spoonbill.  This was as close as my lens could get.  Given that it is now broken maybe it's time to upgrade to a serious bird photography lens.  A birding fellow we came across one time recommended a 120-500 zoom lens... good luck me! ;) 

Back at Albany again, the day that we left

 We were supposed to get up at the crack of dawn to leave.   We did leave my mums quite early but decided to go look at some things before we went given that my sister-in-law was with us, and we aren't sure when we'll be going back to Albany again and had some things we wanted to see that possibly being so.

First up we went by my grandparents place  to say goodbye.

My grandma's planting shed.

The chook pen.

My grandparents orchard.

Looking at a nest in front of the water tank.

Western Rosella

Thought I'd better show a wattle in flower in my grandma's garden.  

The Wood Fellows Place (not a place I'd wander around at night!)

A Scarlet Robin  It wouldn't turn around and for the split second it did we weren't ready.

 Emu Point again (someone wanted to put their feet in the water one last time before we went)

Lake Seppings

On the Way Home

Sleeping on her way home.

Sunset near Perth.  The end of our holiday :(

Holidays are always over too soon but this one felt especially so.  We raced around to see the most popular sights but even then superficially it seemed.  We went, we saw, we went to the next place.  
We could have spent at least another week.  There is so much to do in the Albany region.  It's not the place to go shopping, if that's what you like.  But if you like the outdoors you may not want to leave.  
It was so good to have a break though, and it was food for thought as we contemplate where it is that we want to make our home.  

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  1. How frightening regards guy at servo!
    Beautiful Albany, so loved the pictures, totally unknown part of the world to me.
    Cant believe your baby is 6 months!!!! Truly!!
    Praying as you discern where next