Monday, April 17, 2017

Lent - Easter 2017 - Our Home Oratory

I hadn't planned on sharing our home oratory this Lent/Easter.  With a four month old baby and preparing to move (in July but have started putting things in boxes) I have been busy.  But each year brings different things that we do, even if only slightly, and so I changed my mind and decided to take pictures because I want to remember each precious year.

Good Friday 

Before the Stations.

Our Stations of the Cross candle holders from previous years got broken in our move.  I had planned to create a new set but then we got sick on Spy Wednesday and that was the end of that.  So I cut out the pictures that I had planned to glue onto board and just placed them as you see.  The tea light candles I sent Dh out for last thing on the Thursday.  

After the Stations.  Forgot to take a picture when they were lit!

Someone handily wrote out the numerals for the Stations.  
I had been at the worst of my illness the night before Good Friday and had a sore throat and a cough but was able to lead the Stations and sing.  When we got to the 12th Station and announced the death of Christ a pigeon solemnly cooed to mark the moment.

Several more family members fell sick including the baby and we realised with sadness that we weren't going to make Easter Mass this year.  There was also the sadness that we may not go to Easter Mass at our parish again, depending on where we move to, and that the boys had been rostered to serve together, which doesn't happen too often let alone for Easter.  They had been so looking forward to it.

I had planned to organise our home oratory after everyone went to bed that Saturday evening.  But I fell asleep with the baby and didn't get up until Ds6 decided he was hungry at 4.30am Easter morn.  I gave him a slice of bread and once finished sent him back to bed.  Then the rush to get everything done before they all awoke.  Or rather before I would wake them to watch the Easter Vigil Mass on the computer, live from Fribourg on iMass.  Although they hadn't listed whether they'd broadcast the vigil I thought to try at what I thought would be a time they might show it.  And they did.  
But before I woke everyone I changed our home oratory.  Took off the veils, added the flowers, our Easter candle.  I set the table with our gold table cloth and placed some lanterns and our breakfast feast there.  Then I woke everyone and we watched the Vigil on my laptop and sent our good angels there in our stead.  It did ease some of our sadness to at least be able to watch from home. 

One thing I did manage to make.  Our Easter candle.  I used washi tape and it stuck on well.  Perhaps could have chosen a bolder colour.  The 'jewels' I stuck on with wax, and then painted the Alpha/Omega and year with acrylic paint.  

A very blessed Easter to all!


  1. Hello Sharyn, this is Shane.
    Very Very creative indeed. I love your Paschal Candle. Hope everything is okay now. God bless!

    1. Hi Shane,

      Yes all are well now thanks! The Paschal candle... it did look good for a moment didn't it. Now my 3 year old has pulled off many of the 'jewels' lol. Shall try to glue them back on and see if he will leave them there ;)
      Hope you had a blessed Easter!