Saturday, April 8, 2017

Dd5 - Photo Album

I have been wanting to make photo albums for the children for ages.  We stopped when we started taking digital photo's.  Dd5 was born just as we started swapping over from film to digital.  We had just bought an iPhone and started using that for most of our photo's.  If we had printed our photo's as we took them we might have realised that wasn't wise, but we didn't.  It was only many years later that I realised we had so many blurry photo's :(  Going through all these photo's the last few days however one thing is certain.  Blurry or not a lot of photo's were taken.  And a good many by the children, which as it turns out I'm thankful for.  They also took many video's (and these make up for the blurry photo's to a degree).  And while they are the video's of 7 and 9 year old children they are better than the video's I didn't take.  I did take some but not many.  I realise looking back, that I should have taken more pictures and video's.  It's so easy to look at a baby and think they look the same, what need for a photo?  But one minute they look the same and the next they've changed.  You can delete 'too many photo's' though likely you won't.  But you can't go back and take what you didn't photograph.  Video too is really worth the effort.  It adds many more dimensions for the memory to recall than a still shot ever can.

Now our digital photo's are in a mess!  And so numerous that the organisation of them goes beyond what I can currently do.  Yet I don't want more time to go by without doing them.  My plan is to print them off soon, but in terms of presenting them on my blog they are all over the place.  They start off well enough.  Pregnancy, birth, baptism, but thereafter they skip back and forward.  You can tell how old she is by her hair.  The longer, the older.  I think she finally had her first haircut at about 4 years old.  There are a LOT of photo's here!  Only the strong will survive lol.  But I'm glad I have finally got her photo's together.  Only 7 more to do!!  It finishes with her 8th birthday which was just this last week.

The final few days of being pregnant with Dd5

Big brothers first hold.

Before setting off for her baptism.

There are no photo's of her being baptised, but we do have a video.

Like a little doll :)
She was born with all these white milia.

First hold by Grandma.

Sucking on her thumb.

First visit to the zoo.

First birthday.

Learning to crawl.

Trying to water the garden
On a holiday in Albany.

Down at the beach after eating a sausage roll with sauce (as you can see ;)

With Pa.

Caught 'flour' handed.  Big brother helpfully turns the head of the culprit toward the camera for photographic evidence ;)

After Mass at St. John's Pro Cathedral

Getting a kiss from our whippet which we had at the time.

Helpin out in the cupboard.
Hey, I'm standing 

Newly walking.  Still so short she can fit under the table.
First chocolate?

In clothing from her Godmother.  'Hi Godmother! ' :)

First steps
With Grandpa.

This looks like a selfie.  As chief photographer it seems no one thinks to take my photo with my baby.  So there are a few selfies here.  Dads, older children!  Don't forget to take pictures of your mum with her baby! ;) 
A little Christmas pudding :)

In her Jolly Jumper.

In the cupboard!

This is as big as this picture gets without loosing sharpness.  Looks like something from an old pears soap add.

2nd birthday.

At Christmas at Aunties house.

3rd birthday cake.  

With Pa looking at the pigeons.

Another selfie.  Baby wearing a bonnet that Great Grandma in Albany knitted.

One of the first shots with my Canon EOS 60D

At Kings Park

Shirley Temple?
Four years old.

Worn out.

With Grandpa again.

Easter family pics.

The next five photo's are from our holiday in Jakarta, Indonesia.

With Dd8

With Dd8

Who gets cake for Christmas eh?  Dd5 surprised by the box we put her present in he he he ;)

At Albany Art Gallery 

Learning to sew.

Teaching little brother his prayers.

A pizza she made.

A peach pie she made with her sister.

Freezing cold after swimming lessons.

Before Mass.

Flying must be amazing!

The time Easter fell on her birthday.

I was so pleased with this cake.  I'm not very good with making fancy cakes but so wanted to make something special being as her birthday was on Easter (the next time will be in her 20's).  They worked out beautifully!

At a walk at Star Swamp.

The rest of these photo's are from a few days ago.

Happy 8th Birthday!!!



  1. Ah this topic is rather relevant to me too. Yes so many photos I didn't take, and after digital so many not printed. I've just spent days re-filing the first 12 years of our married life into new, matching photo albums!
    Now I need to make a decision about the next 13 years of digital photos. I did at least file them into months/years, though sadly the first two years of one child are missing :-(
    Have decided to make photo books, not albums, but who has the best quality for the best price, I vacillate. What's your intentions re digitals?

  2. So many beautiful photos and memories. She really is a most photogenic child! (As is her mother!) I don't tend to take many photos, but what we do have are in a big digital mess, with hardly any printed.