Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Our Curriculum Plans for 2017

The eldest 4 will start each day with a jog around the oval opposite our house, the little ones can jog around the yard.  

Then in common (Our 'morning basket')
Okay, now this photo shows what is used above, but from here on in the pictures are not quite so orderly, plus there are some books shown that I haven't mentioned.  These books I also plan to use.  Sorry for a whole bunch of disorganised photo's!  

Ds6 Pre-Primary (In Australia this is the year before year 1 or Kindergarten)

Reading List (I will just give a sample for each of their reading lists and then blog all the books they read later on)

Dd5 Year 3

Ds4 Year 6

Reading List:  (A Sample) Dd3 and Ds4 will have the same reading list

Dd3 Year 7

Ds2 Year 9

Reading List: (A sample)

Dd1 Year 11 

Reading List: (A sample)

Learning that we do in common: (Our 'afternoon basket'.  These are spread out, doing two a day.  Not all every day!  The family novel is everyday.)

  • Drawing
  • Art/Craft
  • Poetry
  • Health
  • Drama 
  • Nature Journal
  • Artist of the month
  • Composer of the month
  • Latin
  • Family novel
  • Shakespeare
  • Country of the month

Our family goal for the year is hospitality.  Our verse for inspiration:  'And hospitality do not forget; for by this some, being not aware of it, have entertained angels.' Hebrews 13:2

Our family virtue for the year is kindness.  'always with kindness'.

And short prayer to say often: 'Jesus meek and humble of heart make my heart like unto Thine.'


  1. Wow, Sharyn, this looks set to be a wonderful year of literature and learning!!! My kids love Jolly Phonics for learning the sounds - there are videos on YouTube. I like their finger phonics books where students can trace the letters, but they aren't absolutely necessary.

    1. Yes, I'm really looking forward to it! I haven't read most of the books so I'm really interested as to what they will be like. Hopefully we will come across some new favourites :)

      Shall check out Jolly Phonics, thanks!

  2. With the Story of Civilisation, will you use all the books (Teacher edition, Activity Book,CD, etc) or just the main book?

    1. Hi Lynda, I accidentally deleted my comment, sorry!

      We just use the book and I think I'll get the activity book. I have updated a couple of the links above so they take you through to book depository. I would have a read of the kindle sample to see if you like it first. We aren't far enough in to say if we like it or not yet.

  3. Thanks for the peek at your 2017 curriculum. It looks wonderful! I love the book lists. Your children really are beautiful.