Sunday, January 1, 2017

Christmas 2016

We had a lovely Christmas day this year.  We did consider midnight Mass.  Or at least there were some who tried to convince me of it... and I would have loved to have gone, but it was a cool and somewhat windy night and I wasn't at all sure I could manage the next day if I went and so we went to the day Mass instead.

I had planned to take some lovely photo's of everyone in their Christmas clothing but there was a too much to do and even though I had a good nights sleep I still had 'new mum' tiredness (as I do still;) and just didn't manage it.

On the way to her first Christmas Mass

Day Mass 

At Home

Hmmm, these two seem to have the same grin.

Chocolate faced little boy.

Oh what joy!

A shared present, that  everyone opened at once.

Taking a rest with his little sister.

My dad and brother came around for Christmas lunch which I think I prepared in slow motion, perhaps snoozing a little as I went.  We had missed the dawn Mass because getting ready for that happened slowly too and so we went to the day Mass.  This made us late getting ready for lunch and I managed so very few of my plans for lunch.  The table was not prepared, neither were many of the planned treats that I had imagined making.  It was so nice to spend some time with our family.  They left late in the afternoon.  I thought very much of having a nap.  And then I thought of the Christmas meal I had planned.  No time to give up I thought.  These days I'm very conscious of putting in every effort I can into building beautiful memories.  So I started to set the table.  Bit by bit.  Finding the elements I could find to make the table lovely.  Slowly it came together.  I wished that I had had time to set it so nicely in time for my dad and brother.  Next year then, if I am able.  Then I set to to cooking.  I wasn't able to make quite as many dishes, or what I'd hoped for, but at long last, for I think the dinner preparations also seemed to happen in slow motion, there was a meal on the table for a Christmas feast.  

The table set for Christmas dinner.

Must find some glue to fix the baby Jesus' arm!

Happy playing with lego.  Must give it a try myself sometime ;)

A very blessed Christmastide and New Year to all! :)


  1. Beautiful family, beautiful memories, beautiful baby.

    I've never had a table look that lovely!


  2. So gorgeous, from the smiles to the table decor! And most especially your little baby!!!!!!