Monday, January 2, 2017

A Whole Load of Photo's

I have a great big back log of photo's that I have been unable to post thanks to my computer running out of space (which took quite some time to resolve) and so I'm just going to post them, many of them anyway, together here.

It is amazing how fast a newborns face can change.  From blissful sleep to an angry face in seconds. 
Here (above) she is in the newborn outfit that her eldest sister wore 16 years ago.  The suit is very little changed due to it being so small, and worn so briefly by each of the girls.   She is 5 weeks old now, the above picture was taken  when she was maybe a week old.  The newborn size is now a little too small.  Yesterday I squeezed her into a newborn grow suit... just.  We are down to the last few newborn nappies.  Dd1 wants to put on the very last one when it comes time.  

On the nappy mat, lol.  It makes a nice background but I have taken too many on it now.  Time for something different.  Trying to work out a prop now for some different shots.

Cheeky little boy!  He was so sad after baby was brought home.  The most jealous we've had.  He still pushes me away when he has a jealous moment.  
We always pay the 'new' elder brother/sister special attention after the birth of a new sibling but reactions can be different according to age/personality etc.  His reaction was/is to push me away.  But eventually he gives in and gets the hug he wants so much.  It can really tug at your heart when they react like this.  You just have to remember they still love you.  They just need some time to adjust.  If you keep making them feel included and an important part of the family it all works out.  At his worst he cried to me in a mournful voice, 'you a bad mummy' (for bringing a new baby home).  A few days later and I was 'the best mummy ever'.  But he is still swinging between jealousy and loving his new little sister and being happy to be a big brother.  See the below picture.  He is giving baby a gentle soft pinch which for Ds7 means 'I love you' (oh how I wish he'd pick another way.  But since small he shows his feelings of love by pinching.)(As I'm editing this post he has come up to me to touch his little sisters feet and declared, 'I love her!' ;)

How cute is this!

oops! angry again.  What a contrast to the above picture.

Stretching.  I just love how they stretch when they wake up.  More stretching pics below ;)

'Who me?', So funny when they make little pouty faces.  She can be stuck for minutes this way lol.

Our first photo as a family of 10, plus Father.  One of the children said, 'well, he's family'.  He's the priest they've all known since childhood.   (it has a blue cast because we are standing under a blue shade cover)

With her cat that we bought for her.

What a stretch!

Overheard:  Ds6 (5 years old) to his baby sister, who lay listening quietly.  'You need to learn, and I'm going to be your teacher.  Now, God is Jesus, and Jesus is God.  And Jesus likes it when you're quiet.  So stop crying'  lol

I'm hoping to do another photo shoot soon for her 1 month/ish photo's.  She has had very bad baby acne/rash on her face for the last couple of weeks.  It must be so itchy, poor thing! It is starting to go away.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to help it to go let me know.  


  1. Gorgeous Sharyn, absolutely gorgeous!!
    She really is beautiful.
    And I didn't realise your oldest girl is 16! Was thinking what a precious gift that your children have all known your priest since they were little, he looks rather young still himself.

  2. Such a gorgeous gorgeous girl!!! You take such terrific photos, Sharyn. So happy for you all. And I wish I knew how to make the baby acne disappear or not appear in the first place... my kids always get it and I'm always so thankful when it goes.

  3. I know I said before that your children are beautiful and blessed by God to have a mother with such a tender heart. And now #8 who is so beautiful too. My thought about Ds7 and his jealousy is that he really trusts you and in spite of his childlike anger he knows you will always be there for him.I remember from before when you mentioned being tired, so it is not easy with so many young lives depending on you for everything. Thankfully, you live your Catholic faith with such a giving heart. I look forward to reading about your "conversion" story.

    God bless you and your beautiful family.

    1. Hi Tom, Finally wrote my conversion story, you can read it here:

      Ds7 has forgotten all his jealousy now. In fact, if she cries, he insists you sing a lullaby for her ;)

      Thank you for your kind comments! I hope you are doing well! A very blessed Lent to you!

      God bless!