Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Our Home Oratory for All Saints and All Souls

All Saints Day

Sorry but these two shots are blurry.  I use auto-focus most of the time these days because the camera often knows when it's in focus better than I do, I need glasses.  Someone else had been using my camera before I took these pictures and left it on manual.  I checked the pictures for focus after taking them, but, hmmm, definitely time for glasses.

All Souls Day

Note: The candles were not intentionally left off.  We are out of candles at the moment as I haven't been able to get round to buying more.


  1. I know what you mean. :) Good thing there are so many cute glasses available now!

    Not much longer til we get to meet your newest... :)

    1. I'm planning to get some after baby is born. I'm not very good with picking these sorts of things, but if I take my eldest she'll help me pick the right ones ;)

      And as for baby... Had my checkup today. She's in a good position. Can't believe she will be here so soon.
      Must make sure that it's on autofocus for when I go to the hospital, so I don't take a whole pile of blurry shots lol