Thursday, June 9, 2016

Our Home Altar for June - Month dedicated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Finally getting back to blogging!  My morning sickness is almost gone, only the tiniest bit left.  I'm 15 weeks today :) 

This is our home altar this June.  The centre picture is of the 'Eucharistic Heart of Jesus'  This feast day is on the Thursday within the octave after the Feast of the Sacred Heart.  The smaller pictures to the right and left are from an old Anglican book.  Some of the dates are correct, but not all.  On the right in the silver frame is Our Mother of Perpetual Succour whose feast day is on the 27th of June.  


  1. Beautiful, Sharyn!
    SO glad you are almost over the morning sickness!!! Hope you and bub feel really great the rest of the pregnancy.

  2. Hiya Sharyn.
    I really love all the designs you made for your altar. I have been searching for a long time pictures of home altars being decorated by the season of the church and lo and behold, I found your blog.
    Indeed very creative of you. Im sure that Our Blessed Lord will reward you :)

    Just a question tho, where did you get the those big nice letter u display during lent? And where did u get the pictures u display? Do you use white paper to print the pics or from picture paper? Where did u get to buy the mantles u use to dress our Lady? And lastly, where did u get ur nativity scene?

    Hahaha i know, so many questions. But I am so hyped to make my altar the best way possible ( like yours!). Thank you for inspiring me :) and God bless

    1. Hi Shane, thank you very much for your kind compliments! I hope to write a post soon about where I get various things, but I'm due to have a baby any day now, and so that may still be a while off.

      Where are you?

      If in Australia, I bought the letters from Spotlight, they are Kaisercraft brand. Here's a link to some suppliers of Kaisercraft letters, apparently there are some shops in Canada that sell them

      I found a link that looks really great for wooden letters in the US Seems to have a lot good reviews. You can order your word, and what font, size, etc. Looks great! They send worldwide too! Might try them myself.

      The pictures I display. Many are sourced from the internet. I find the largest sized pictures I can. I sometimes print them myself on regular paper, but I have an inkjet printer, and it is worth the effort to have them laser printed at a print store. I find they print up well on 100gsm uncoated premium paper which is what my print store uses. But remember, you will likely reuse these pictures year after year so consider what you think would be best.

      The mantles. For the month of May I use a shawl my Indonesian mother-in-law gave me. But for all the others I just use a large rectangle of fabric. So long as the fabric is not too thick it should drape well.

      The nativity scene. The label has fallen off my box. It was a three piece nativity set. I will get back to you if I find out who made it.

      Hope this has answered your questions, feel free to ask more. I may take a little time to reply though with baby due any time :)

      God bless!

    2. Sharyn congrats on your new bundle of joy :) Indeed your Christmas i
      will be Merry and bright this year. :)
      thank you for the reply.

      I live in Canada. I really admire the efforts you put in your altar. About the printing of the pictures on regular white paper, does the colour fade over the years? Because tht is what I am relly worried about that the colour would fade and I have to reprint the picture again.
      do you think I can use a womens veil used in church to veil our lady? Haha I know its a crazy idea but I cnt find any decent mantle for her. And I cant ask my mom for help because she is protestant. I know, it is kinda hard for me to ask stuff from her but im doing this for her too. I feel like I can bring her to the Catholic faith with the help of God and our Lady of course.
      Oh and do you laminate the pictures you print?
      i think these are my questions for now. Congratulations again! And have a blessed Advent to you and your family.

    3. Also I would like to add before I forget. What is that thing you printed which i think contains prayers in Latin. Are those prayers in latin? you usually place behind the crucifix. Thank you Sharyn! :)

    4. Hi Shane, Sorry to take so long to reply! Thank you for your congratulations :)

      I think the pictures printed on regular white paper would fade over time, but it does depend on whether they are in direct sunlight and how long they are displayed for. It is best to print them the best quality you can. Make sure the image is really sharp, or acceptably so, before printing. I check by enlarging it in Photo's on my computer to see how sharp it still is when larger. It can save you the disappointment of getting a grainy/blurry enlargement back from the print shop. I also store my pictures in a folder when not in use. I hope to write a post on this soon.

      You could use different coloured mantilla's but certain types of lace would slip off your statue. You would need to find a way to fasten it on. I often use a rectangle of fabric. The edges very often aren't finished either. The length needs to be a bit more than twice the height of the statue, so it can drape nicely at the base of the statue. The width doesn't have to drop to the base. It just needs to be enough so that it can overlap behind the statue to cover (hope that makes sense.)

      I don't laminate the pictures. I did try it but I found it made the pictures too shiny. I avoid things that make them reflective. So if printing on photo paper I also prefer a matt finish.

      The cards behind the crucifix are altar cards. They contain some of the prayers of the Mass. If you go to my 'favourite links' page you can find those particular altar cards available for download. They are the Dominican ones (I prefer the ones from Angelus Press which you need to purchase. The pictures are great for contemplating). Altar cards properly belong on an altar on which the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered. More info here:
      I use them on my home oratory for a variety of reasons but I am wanting to ask my parish priest if their use in the home is okay for any of these reasons. I will write about this in the post I am preparing.

      Praying that your home oratory will be a blessing to you and your family! Shall say a prayer for your mom's conversion!

      A very blessed Christmastide and New Year to you and your family!

  3. Hello Sharyn!
    A Blessed Christmastide and a Happy New Year to you too!
    I understand, im pretty sure you are hands on with your new baby :)
    Thank you for your reply though it really helps. For my Mama Mary statue I actually used a mantilla because I cant find an actual fabric to use for her. hehe. I was planning not to clothe her but Im truly inspired by your practice so I made my decision to veil Her. As for the altar cards i actually realized that before that maybe I might get reprimanded if a priest will visit soon and finds that I have the altar card when it should be on the altar for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to be done. Haha, but Ill wait for your post on that one. :)
    Actually I cant put any religious pictures any more on my altar. My altar is already full of statues and other small images. I wish I could show it to you but I do not know how to post a picture in the comments section. How I wish I could still put more but I do not want to compress my altar too much. It would not feel like a place of prayer anymore for me and not to mention im planning to buy a statue of our Lady Mediatrix of all Grace. hehehe. Anyways, thank you for the prayers. I really appreciate it. especially right now where my mother and brother are kinda falling away... but as long as there is breath in me ill not give up hope. God bless you and your family! :D
    Ad Jesum Per Mariam, To Jesus through Mary!

    1. Just realised I hadn't published your post!!

      I would love to see your altar! I have put up a contact form on the top right. You could email me a picture if you like.

      Something I do is to rotate statues and pictures according to the liturgical seasons. That's one way to make more room on your altar if that would be something you wanted.

      Can I recommend a book to you? It's called Divine Intimacy. Expensive but worth it!

      God bless!