Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Story of The Redemption For Children - In Gregorian Chant

I came across a pdf on Musica Sacra a while back called 'The Story of The Redemption for Children', which is a song book from the 1950's to teach pre-school aged children the story of redemption in gregorian chant.  I was interested at the time but I can't read music and so I forgot about it.
Well this morning I was looking through the Youtube channels I'm subscribed to and noticed that CCWatershed have produced some video's for many of the songs and so I thought I'd share them here.

First, here is the pdf for the book: The Story of The Redemption For Children and also the link to CCWatershed's page listing the video's (which I am linking here below too) and mp3's for the book.

The video's of the songs:
Page 2 - Paradise
Page 3 - Sin
Page 4 - Driven From Paradise
Page 5 - The Annunciation
Page 7 - The Birth of Our Lord
Page 8 - The Shepherds
Page 9 - The Wise Men
Page 10 - The Lost Sheep
Page 11 - The Pharisee and the Publican
Page 12 - The Passion
Page 13 - The Crucifixion
Page 14 - The Resurrection
Page 15 - The Coming of the Spirit
Page 16 - The Assumption of Mary
Page 17 - Christ the King

These songs remind me of the lovely songs a friends family make up to sing the Psalms together.  See Elisa's post How we memorise Psalms  to learn more about her family's wonderful tradition.

It can be very easy to under-appreciate the value of many of the seemingly little things that we do with our children and let them slip not realising their importance.  But little things can have a big impact and a lasting influence for good in their lives.  Family traditions such as singing hymns and psalms together, especially when following the liturgical cycles, are a great way to make the little domestic church of the home united with and reflecting the universal Church.  In singing traditional hymns and psalms we pass on the rich heritage of the Church, help our children memorise those things which we want to become a part of their souls, help to plant the seeds of faith in them, and teach them how to pray.  And, you will find, that even Gregorian chant is not too difficult for children to learn, it just takes practice, and patience :)

God bless you all on this feast of Christ the King!!!

And a hymn for the feast ;) Christus Vincit, Christus Regnat, Christus Imperat

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  1. This is wonderful!! Thank you for putting it together. I can't wait to show Ben.