Monday, August 31, 2015

Soccer Pics

My littlest man at the footy.

We're at the end of another football season.  And once again I'm both happy for the season to end.... and sad.  It's been a lot of fun.  Great games, great company, and a beautiful location.  The kids who weren't playing a match were always having a great time playing on the oval or in the bush.  They built a lean-to cubby this last weekend out of sticks and bark.  It reminded me of when I was young and built bush cubbies.  Most of these pictures were taken this last day of the season and are mostly of Ds4.  I'm hoping to get some of Ds2 this next weekend though at the closing ceremony.  

My other little man.

Sometimes footy takes too long ;)

See that ball?  I could see it coming but couldn't get the camera away from my face fast enough to see where it was headed, which was at me!

This little boy kept all the subs busy while they were waiting to play.  

My only action shot of Ds2 all season.  I hope to get some better ones this weekend.


  1. Nice shots! It seems like your camera survived the run-in with the ball. :) Your littlest man is getting so big!!!

  2. Thanks! The ball hit me in the stomach. Better than my face I guess lol
    Yes he is getting big isn't he. But he's still my baby ☺️