Sunday, July 26, 2015

At the Reptile Show

A month ago we went to what we thought was a reptile show.  We were pleased to find parking close to the exhibition.  There was much excitement as we are all reptile enthusiasts.  A quick scan of the line of people waiting to get in was puzzling though.  They didn't seem to be the sort of people we had expected to attend a reptile show; mainly elderly people.  We waited in the line a few moments and then thought to ask if we were at the right place.  It turned out we were waiting in line for an Antique Show!  After a bit of wandering about trying to work out where the reptile show was we read the ad for it again and realised we were a month early!!!

Well today it really was the day of the show and the crowd was as we expected for a reptile show, a much younger group of people overall, though people of all ages, with many long bearded men, people with tatoos, with fluro hair, lots of young mums and dads with babies in prams and wide eyed toddlers, lots of young budding reptile lovers and one fellow who looked to me like Croc Dundee's brother ;)   We had a great time looking at a variety of snakes, lizards, a tawny frog mouth, spiders, crocodiles (baby ones), scorpions, and Spiny Leaf Insects among others though sadly no gecko's as we had been hoping for.

Taking photo's was difficult with my fixed lens as I couldn't get back far enough and people were pushing and jostling as it was so crowded, but I managed to snap a few.  My phone would have been the better way to go, but it was full!  Don't those phones fill up so fast.

The last few pictures are of some new pets we bought.  We weren't expecting to see them at the show and as babies they were inexpensive so we couldn't resist :)

Our New Pets



  1. I think your photos turned out great! Reptiles do not appeal to me, but I think it's very cool that your whole family love them. Hope your pets thrive!

  2. Despite all the snakes we were holding we are not really snake lovers. That was what was on show mostly because that's what most people are interested in. We like gecko's and smaller lizards. I wasn't terribly keen on the scorpion but we were excited to get a Spiny Leaf Insect as we've been wanting one for a while. As to thriving, me too. Thanks :)