Monday, June 15, 2015

Journal Entry, 15.6.15

First up we have some transformable robots built by Ds2 (12 1/2 years old).  There are three.  Each robot is followed by a picture of what it is transformed into.  They are pulled apart to transform, with no additional pieces being added.  In the past Ds2 has made some that you twist to transform.

The next lot of pictures are from the feast of Corpus Christi.  We didn't manage to get to a Corpus Christi procession like I hoped to and so we watched video's instead.   Here's a truly amazing one from Ireland in 1941: Corpus Christi Procession.  

Ds4 had his ninth birthday last week.  We started the day with Mass.  Then we shared a delicious brunch of gluten free waffles with some new friends.  The children were buzzing about this visit for days.  They had a great time playing with and getting to know their new friends.  It really made Ds4's day a special one.  

These are some 'lime' pony creations.  

Still at the messy face stage.

A play dough Sacred Heart made by Dd3.  We went to a party for the Feast of the Sacred Heart and there were lots of crafts to be made but I think one of the favorites was making play dough Sacred Hearts such as the one in this photograph.  

Ds7's language is going ahead in leaps and jumps.  He can copy many words when asked.  He sounds so cute when he says please which sounds more like 'peesh' and so the children will do things to make him say it over and over, poor fellow.  At least he's looking to be a very well mannered toddler.  He made everyone stop and look yesterday though when he, upon seeing someone doing something they were told not to do said, 'Don't do dat Papa say' (18 months old)
He has also started climbing and can kick a ball well.  Actually talking about kicking a ball...
Ds6  (almost 4) is really getting good at kicking a soccer ball.  He spends his time while his two older brothers are playing soccer on Saturdays kicking a ball all around the place.  He'll spend ages kicking a ball up the hill and then kicking it again when it comes back down again.  Looks like soccer will definitely be his sport.  Though this is not a big surprise as his favorite toy, literally from the time he could walk at 1 year old, was a ball.  Any ball.  Or even anything that looked like it could be kicked lol.

Ds2 and Ds4 are really enjoying their soccer.  You can really see their development of skill since they first began with this club last season.  Ds4 almost kicked his first goal this last weekend.  He's usually in defence but when his team was 10-0 ahead the coach sent all the defence to attack and vice versa to give them a go at playing a different position.  The defenders were pleased to kick another two goals taking their team to a 12-0 win!  Ds2's team had their first win of the season winning 4-3.  

The next lot of photo's I found on a disk yesterday while re-organising the cupboard.  They weren't where they should have been with all the other photographs.  I wondered what they could be for a moment and then noticed some writing on the disk labeling it 'Pentecost' and a date from 2010.  After looking at the files on my computer I discovered they are photo's of Dd1 and Ds2's First Holy Communion on the Feast of Pentecost 2010.  I don't remember who took these photo's.  A parishioner gave me a disk of these photo's they'd taken.  I'm really thankful they shared them. 

Yesterday was also Michael's First Holy Communion , our young friend whom we had seen on Ds4's birthday.    Click on over to see the beautiful photo's of this young mans first reception of the sacrament of Holy Communion.  How lovely it must be to receive Christ in Holy Communion for the first time as a child.

How they have grown!  Now 14 and 12, in these pictures they were 9 and 7.

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  1. How wonderful, Sharyn! Was your Ds2 wearing the same suit for his FHC that you let Michael borrow? Those pictures are wonderful! So very special!!! It was a treat for us to be a part of your Ds4's birthday, too. :) :) :)