Sunday, May 10, 2015

May Crowning of Our Lady 2015

Dd3 was chosen to help with the May crowning of Our Lady this year.  She was so excited.  Would she drop the crown she worried?  No, I assured her, she wouldn't.  Would her dress still fit?  For sure I said.  Finally the morning of the big day arrived.  And as I made her put her shoulders as far back as possible and pulled as hard as I could to fasten the buttons at the back of her dress, that had fit not so long ago, I could only pray my other assurances for a smooth day were correct too.
And it was beautiful, though you must remember as you look at these pictures that though her face is very serious she is actually happy.

Two were chosen for the crowning.  The young lady on the left to crown Our Lady, and Dd3 to crown the Infant Jesus.

Ds2 is second from the right.

The beginning of the procession around the church yard.

Ds4 is the candle bearer on the far side.

I just counted and it is 8 months since she last wore this dress.  No wonder it no longer fits.

Continuing her May crowning duties at home.

And lastly, here is a sermon for mothers day, Mothers build for Eternity (Please pray three Hail Mary's for this priest)

A very blessed Mother's day to all mothers today!

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  1. How very special! And a happy mother's day to you, too!!