Sunday, April 19, 2015

Star Swamp Bushwalk - April 2015

Today we were able to go for a bushwalk at Star Swamp.  We've been to Star Swamp a few times before but never walked too far.  Today we managed to complete most of the trail.  It must have taken about an hour, but it seemed to go so quickly.  We had a good time but we won't rank this amongst our favorite walks because you can see houses and a busy road on some parts of the track.  We like it when we feel as it we are far off in the bush somewhere.  We saw quite a few bush birds (lots of Honey-Eaters, a Grey Fantail, a Golden Whistler, some Rainbow Lorrikeets, and some Magpies) but few wetland birds which no doubt reflects the dryness of the swamp at the moment.  We hope to go back in winter to see the difference in wildlife and how high the water gets in the swamp.


I found this book a while back and we are hoping to do as many of the walks as we can.  We have another that covers the southwest, but for the moment we'll explore Perth's bushwalks.  

A bee tree.  Look at all that honey comb!

We noticed a knobbledy thing in the tree.  To the left of the tree trunk surrounded by branches.  It looks like clay, or a gall.  We wondered what it could be.

A millipede.

The top corner of the track.  We went round to the right, the girls were ahead a little and ran back for a photo.

Evidence of....rabbits?  

Here we have turned back from the Marmion Rd side of the track at about the middle of the reserve I think.

A dead beetle found on the track.

The dry bed of the swamp.

I was disappointed with how many blurry shots I took.  I checked them quickly and they looked sharp.  But closer inspection on my laptop later on proved not.  I think that a different lens is what is needed to suit the needs of a busy mum who has to point and shoot without much time to think about where the focus is.  Either that or I just need to take the time to manually focus.  

All worn out and ready for a picnic lunch.

Ds6 does one of two things when I go to take a photo at the moment.  One is to spread his arms out wide, the other is to make as funny a face as he can.

We drove by the coast on the way home.  This is a picture of Hillary's boat harbour.

Fast asleep as we arrive home.

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  1. Great adventure and photos! I love that you are going to do as many walks from the book as you can. And good work getting in some of the photos! :) A lot of great ones here, but I expecially like the ones of you guys lined up on the log.