Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Photo-dump 23.4.15, Feast of St. George

I've gotten way behind on my journalling so I'm just going to do a photo dump and then start journalling again from this weekend.... I hope.

First up some photo's from the beginning of last term.

Imagining flying.  And from the look on her face, flying must be just wonderful!

Examining a peg.

Stuffing rocks in the peg.

In a sword fight.

Looking at a Honey-eater nest up our lemon tree.

A pizza we made for the feast of St. Benedict

Who's that with the green nose?

 This is the face he makes when I ask him to smile.

A collage done by Dd1 I think.

One of my latest op-shop buys.  The colours aren't my favourite but I'm warming to it.  It was a good pick-up.  Lovely for an Easter table spread.

Fr. with the parish's latest addition.

Our pancakes for the missions day which was last weekend.  

A beautiful smile.

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