Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter Vigil - Our Parish

I took these photo's before and during the Easter vigil at our parish.  Many are blurry because they were taken in low light while holding my camera with one hand and my sleeping baby in the other.  Inside a church I will use my flash very sparingly so as not to disturb others and just do my best to take as good 'in focus' pics as I can get.  The only photo taken with a flash is the second and this I got Dd1 to take at the same time as the parish photographer figuring he knows the moment it is okay.  None of these photo's really managed to capture just how beautiful it was though.


  1. Beautiful! And quite amazing photos considering you were holding sleeping baby and politely not using your flash!!

  2. Thank you! I was pleased at how many turned out quite well. I had to straighten many of them though. I love all these editing gadgets :)