Saturday, February 14, 2015

Learning Journal 15.2.15

Pictures of everyone on the first day of study for the new year.

Tennis lessons have begun and everyone is enjoying it.  The first week Dd5 clung to my leg like a limpet when it came time for the lesson and could not be persuaded to join in.  I'm not really sure what the problem was as she wasn't shy for her swimming lessons the month before.  The coach suggested we buy a pink racquet to encourage her next time.  Well we didn't, but there the next week in the basket of racquets from which you can borrow was a little pink racquet which in her mind, remembering what the fellow said the week before, must have been for her. I think she'd already decided she was going to join in but this sealed it ;)  Now she keeps asking me, 'when do we go to tennis again?'  She did quite well and managed to hit the ball a few times.  The others still have nice swings from when we did tennis a couple of years back.  

A photograph by Dd1

The girls have joined a choir.  It doesn't meet too often but I'm hoping that will change (I'd like it to be weekly).  I also hope the boys can join.  The current idea of the group is for the boys to have altar serving practice while the girls do choir but now that the boys have started a weekly altar serving course I'm hoping everyone can join the choir.  Their teacher, one of the parents of our group, is a trained opera singer.
The boys are enjoying the thoroughness of the altar serving course and I'm well pleased with it.  

Ds2 and a cake he made.

A robot? made by Ds2.  Sadly it was destroyed before some more in focus shots could be taken.

Dd5 is really starting to remember her addition now.  She's counting by 10's and 5's well.  She has got the idea of how to work out the 'numbers that come before and after'.  She has just begun subtraction.
She is remembering her letter sounds well and knows the directions for her letter shapes.  She loves dictating her stories for me to write down in her journal.

Math - We are starting the day with math instead of what was previously planned as we find it best done first.  All are working steadily.  Dd1 has decided she likes math and is eager to learn lots this year.  

Languages - Everyone has taken up French using Duolingo which was recommended by a friend recently.  It was not my plan, but everyone is happily learning French well so alls good.  
We are all starting to get our tongues around the latin altar server responses.  We've been listening to hymns in latin this last month but will now begin singing Attende Domine this week which we have been singing the past few lents.  

Grammar/Writing- Dd3 is nearly finished her Seton grammar book and is ready to move onto her Lepanto grammar.  She had great fun quizzing Dh and I this last week for a writing topic.  
We are back to Student Writing Intensive for writing and doing well.  I had initially planned to do something different but after looking at what I bought for the task before term realised it just wasn't for us.  IEW really does offer the solid path to writing well that I'm after.  Dd1 and Ds2 are continuing with their Hakes grammar and seem to be able to do this well by themselves.  In conversation I have heard them using their knowledge from it and pleased for them to keep with it.

Spelling - We have finished a level of All About Spelling and will start the next level soon.  I'm very pleased with this program and have really seen the younger three in particular take off with there spelling using this program.  

Literature - We will finish Little Britches this week.  After not finding the first few chapters too interesting we now can't wait to read more.  I have edited some of the language at times.  This is a great book for children and parents and one we'll probably read again.  So many life lessons, and so interesting to read about how their life was back in 1906.  The main character Ralph is 8 years old.  It wasn't until we were almost at the end of the book and it mentions him turning 9 that we all did a double take.  We'd forgotten how old he was and had read through chapters of him riding bucking donkeys and learning to tumble off a horse, herding cows, breaking 9 toes on some farm machinery, and going out into the mountains by himself.  It was a shock to remember he was only 8 when he did all these things.  And when he was 9 he only started to break a wild horse and ride it!  How times have changed.  A definite must read.
Dd1 read The Outlaws of Ravenhurst this week.  She is now onto Out of the Silent Planet
Ds2 is reading the first book of The Lord of the Rings.  Dd3 is reading Little Women.  Ds4 has finished Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims and is now reading The Hobbit.
Dd5 had lots of books read to her by all.

Science -  I have begun reading Behold and See 5 to Dd3 and Ds4.  The other two are enjoying the books they are reading independently.

History - We've just begun All Ye Lands this week.  Have yet to have any thoughts on it.

Religion - Continuing on with Baltimore Catechism for Ds2, Dd3, Ds4.  Not so sure about my choice for Dd1.  It doesn't really seem to interest us.  We might change back to My Catholic Faith.  Will give it a few more weeks.

Funny of the week:  Ds4 on being asked to spell 'thaw'. 'So I have to spell a super heroes name?'

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  1. What a great snapshot of your homeschool!! I would love it if you would email me with your thoughts on doing All About Spelling with multiple children. I have one set of magnets and everything else we need for level 1 (except my magnetic whiteboard is probably too small), but I don't want to do the same lesson three times with my three eager-to-spell kiddos. How do you handle it?