Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Who's Been Eating Chocolate?

I walked into the kitchen, and would have been unaware of anything being amiss if I had not seen this little boys face.  Apparently he was unaware that the evidence of his deed was written all over his face.  I took a picture of him without telling him why...

 And then I asked him to look at the picture, and this was his response.  Caught chocolate nosed! 
Don't ask me how he got chocloate all around his nose like that.  Sometimes you just don't ask lol

After this I reprimanded the chocolate thief asked him to make faces for me to photograph.

Surprised face

Angry face

Sad face
 Not too sure what the next two faces were meant to be, but including them anyway.

Surprised face


  1. We are still getting a giggle out of looking at it. He had no idea that he had chocolate on his face. It was so funny to show him and see his reaction.