Monday, January 5, 2015

The Wild 'Mute Swan' Chase

Can you see the white dot in the middle of this picture???  Maybe, you say?  Well let me tell you a little story about it.

We were driving home from Mass on Sunday going along the freeway near Lake Monger when Dd1 said with excitement 'I can see a Mute Swan on the lake!'  Which wasn't much of a big deal to those listening until it was explained that it is not usual for our region.  Well we had already passed the lake by this point and after asking a few times, 'really, are you sure?', it was decided to go and verify whether or not it really was a Mute Swan.  At first we went to the wrong side of the lake, but Dd1 promised that she could see a white dot on the far side.  So around to the other side we went and after a short walk I managed to take the above photo, enlarged below so you too can see that there really was a Mute Swan on Lake Monger.


  1. Yes, very well spotted. Her first time of seeing a Mute Swan :)