Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Journal Entry 17.12.14

Well here I am at last getting to a journal entry after so long.  I had hoped to do one a week but that was before ongoing computer troubles which ended with my laptop being irreparably broken.  I have finally got back the use of a laptop but there is so much to catch up on that I hardly know where to begin.  I think I'll try to catch up a little, but mostly I'll just have to leave it I think and write what  I can from now.   

We've grown vege's for the first time this year.  And I just love it.  I love watching the plants grow and being able to eat something we've grown.  Our first crop started out fairly well but we have a lot of slugs/snails/ants and various other pests that got to our tomatoes and corn that we'll have to consider how to control next time.  Plus we really should have  kept up with the fertiliser.  I'm hoping to buy a composter soon to help improve the soil.  The next two photo's I took some time back.  It's not very photogenic right now as everythings come to its end, but we did harvest quite a few pea's, some small corn cobs, and only a few tomatoes, the pests got so many of them.

Something that hasn't changed this year.  Ds6 still loves his Batman 'dawly'.  He's the first in our family to be so attached to a doll.  He's loved it from the first.

Earlier this year
Just a few days ago.
Taken just now ;)

This sketch was done by Dd1.  Someone ripped it so I took a photo to remember it.  (The rip is the line on the right)

The 'O Antiphons' have begun today.  I meant to have a total ban on electronic devices start today, but I am behind schedule with spring tidying taking longer than planned, so I'm trying to jot down a bit quickly before starting the rest from gadgets from tomorrow.  I would really like us to be able to spend the rest of the time before Christmas now preparing ourselves spiritually.
I bought a new (old) book for Advent reading, 'Christ in His Mysteries' by Abbot Marmion O.S.B.

I will do a review when I finish it.  Hopefully I will finally find some time to read it during our 'quiet time' that I hope to have this next week.  I'm hoping that we might get through some great read alouds too, but we are still struggling with a slow moving sore throat illness.  The first got it weeks back, and for quite some time just three of us were sick, but another two today.  It gives quite a nasty sore throat every time you swallow or yawn.  My throat only just stopped hurting a few days ago.

Well, must go now.  Sick people to attend to.  A Blessed Advent to you all!

One last picture just to make you all feel hungry though.  A pudding I made yesterday :)


  1. Gardening is such a continual experiment, isn't it? LOVE that sketch by your daughter. What a talent!!

  2. Oh gardening is so much fun! I will be looking forward to seeing how your garden develops :)