Friday, December 5, 2014

Around Our Home this Advent

I got some 'joyful mysteries' of the Rosary printed for the little ones for aid with prayer during Advent. This morning while I was pointing to the baby Jesus in the picture of The Presentation Ds6 corrected me, 'call the baby, baby and Jesus, Jesus'  he said.  'But the baby is called Jesus', I replied. 

The Liturgical wheel calendar is from here.

A bit messy in the the window cabinets...  I'm awaiting inspiration there.  We have decided that 'prepare' would be better than 'wait', but I have yet to go to spotlight to get the letters.
You might notice the next few photo's have some differences.  They were taken on different days.  I often get a new idea, and then change things a bit or a lot, and this can happen throughout the whole season.  

I made the banner about 3 years back now.  A big effort, but it has been worth it.  I made a bit of a mistake making it as you can see and put a few holes where they weren't needed...  I don't mind too much about little mistakes though.  It reminds me that nothing is perfect.  I'm one of those perfectionist types.  Accepting mistakes is good medicine for me.  

 Our Christkindl statue.  The Christkindl tradition is something I'd love to work for our family, but it never seems to.  They all work out whose got who within 5 minutes.  Telling them that that's not the idea doesn't seem to help.  But here we are on day two of trying this year so we'll see.

The empty creche awaiting the birth of Jesus!

I would like a fresh wreath like I see on Northern American blogs, don't they smell so good!  But sadly our Christmas tree, growing outside in a pot, doesn't have enough foliage on offer for the taking.  Maybe some fertilizer and a new pot might do the trick for next year.

These are from a game that we were supposed to play at our All Saint's day party, but I forgot to bring them.  Rather than they sit in a cupboard for another year not being used I thought, why not display them on a wall for a time.  And they do look nice!

Who's playing with the Advent candles?

And lastly, here are a couple of useful Advent links from the Wildflowers and Marbles blog:
Advent idea's part I  This is such a helpful post, it always gives me inspiration, and
Toward's Living Advent and Christmas A free Christmas planner, and what a planner it is!  A lot of effort has gone into it.  It's a great resource of information too.  Recommended!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Erin! It always amazes me how it changes the feel of the house. It was a project well worth doing.

  2. "Accepting mistakes is good medicine for me." Oh I am the same, but I'm not good at taking it. How wonderful that you kept the "wrong" holes on your beautiful banner as you await the King born in a manger in our far-from-perfect world.
    Seeing your lovely decorations and piles of books I think how fortunate your family is to have you beautifying and enriching their lives.