Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Book Basket

This is my book basket, which is full of a combination of daily and current reads, and a good amount of wishful thinking, but represents at the very least those books which are important to me either because they are used for prayer and spiritual reading (daily) or because they are on some topic I want to study further (current).

The daily are my Missal, Bible, Divine Intimacy and the Rule of St. Benedict.  I hope to add the Monastic Diurnal to my basket shortly but in the mean time use my ipad for Lauds/Compline which I manage from time to time.  Please note that I read what I can and very often that isn't very much.  I work away at it slowly.  I have been a Benedictine Oblate for 12 years, and a very poor one.  But I keep at it.  'My Imitation of Christ' I have been reading since before Dd1 was born and still haven't 'finished it'.

I have 5 current reads! The Spiritual LifeTriumphThe Ways of Mental PrayerThe Precious Blood, and Christ the Ideal of the Monk.   I always seem to read several at once.  These also are read very slowly.  If I could finish reading these by a years time I'll be happy.  No need to rush.  I would like to get around to completing them though.  So many books I read a bit of and then never complete.  Other items in my basket are my journal (spiral bound) and pamphlets on the spiritual life from my sister Benedictines, The Tyburn Nuns.

No light reading here, but I get that from the read-alouds I read to the children.  Beautiful picture books that we love to read over, and over.  Fascinating books that we all enjoy like 'The Little House in the Big Woods' by Laura Ingalls Wilder which is a favorite of ours, Little Britches which we are reading at the moment and 'The Little Duke' which we want to read next.

The children also have a 'daily basket'  which I hope to post soon.

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  1. I love seeing what others are reading! It's great that you are taking them slowly and giving them the thought they deserve. I tend to focus on completion but then forget so much of what I have read.