Saturday, September 6, 2014

First Holy Communion of Dd3 and Ds4 on the Feast of St. Rose of Lima 2014


Ds4 having his First Holy Communion.

Dd3 having her First Holy Communion.

She didn't smile until much later on when she finally relaxed.

 The next five pictures were taken by Ds4 who suddenly felt inspired to take some photo's.

A little bit of a smile.

And it's gone again.

With Grandpa and Aunty.

Here they are about to cut their First Holy Communion cake, but the room was packed and this was my best shot.

And a smile at last!


If only the focus was on her face, what a sweetie!


  1. How wonderful! My oldest will have her first holy communion tomorrow. Such a special time.

  2. Lovely photos, beautiful children and a very special day.