Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 11, 2014

1.  Happy Mother's Day to all mothers today!  God bless you all!

2.  Dh is at work today and so I drove our new commuter to Mass this morning for the first time.  It was my first big drive in it and I was a bit nervous, as I haven't driven a manual vehicle for almost 20 years!  That and did I mention it's a bus!  It's going to take me a while to become confident at parking it.

Lovely and shiny and new looking, not a scratch or dent to be seen...

 3.  Ds2 and Ds4 started their soccer season this weekend.  I only managed to watch Ds4 this week.  Training is proving difficult, being at such a late hour, but the games are at a really nice location and everyone is very friendly, it's a good atmosphere, and so I think we will have a great season. 

4.  I managed to find a corrugated iron vege planter online for free!  It had only just been posted when I saw it and I knew I might have only moments to get it.  With nervous fingers I sent an email...Then I thought 'what are you doing you silly lady'?  and sent a text just in time.  Then I told Dh the good news, that he needed to go straight away and pick it up.  'Will it fit?', he asked as I encouraged him out the door.  'Sure it will', I said.  And indeed it did fit, taking up the entire left half of the van, from the very back to right over the front seat almost to the dashboard.  To the look he gave me when he got home, I said, imagine all the nice fresh veges we can grow in it and what a bargain, for free. It's times like these that I know my husband really loves me ;)

I was going to buy some soil for it but needing to dig sand out of another location, for the aviary we are planning, I decided to use it in the planter instead.  The kids had a great time planting out some basil, parsley, and carrots.  Initially we will just have fun growing whatever appeals but I plan to do some reading and get a seasonal plan together, improve the soil etc.  I would love to get started on making our own mulch.

5.  We dug out the site for our aviary.  We still aren't decided on how to mouse proof the base, but we weren't going to let that stop us from digging a great big hole.  And having fun doing it!

The aviary site.  Still needs to be leveled.
We will be using re-purposed wood.  We put some up just to imagine :)

  6.  Ds7 is 5 months old.  All the newborn-ness is gone.  He is so inquisitive.  Wanting to explore everything.  When he drops a toy he cries.  He says Papa and Mama.  We noticed he only says the Papa when his Pa comes home from work.  I can no longer squash him into his baby bath so he's moved to the big bath where he enjoys splashing the water.  He loves to suck his thumb.  Dh is threatening to give him a haircut because all that beautiful hair you see is only at the very front, and as with Ds6 at that age, it looks a bit funny.  But I'm not letting him near my baby's curls.  I can't cut off those newborn curls yet.

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  1. Happy Mother's Day! Beautiful family and beautiful photos.
    God bless.