Sunday, May 11, 2014

Liturgical banner for the month of May

I have been wanting to make some embroidered banners for the different liturgical months but given that it may take me some time to getting around to do I thought why not make a paper one in the mean time, and so I made this.  I photocopied bits and pieces out of an embroideries design book and put it all together.  While making it I realised I still have much to learn about liturgical symbolism and I think I will do some further research in this area. If I haven't got something quite right with my banner please feel free to comment.

Perhaps of interest to some is that the recent edition of 'The Year and our Children' by Mary Reed Newland omits a whole section from the original, on symbolism. 


  1. A lovely post! You do seem to be steaming ahead with plans and actual doings, despite having a little one.

  2. Thanks Di! More like ploughing ahead than steaming ahead lol. We are getting more settled in though and getting, slowly, slowly, back into a rhythm.