Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 10, 2014

1.  Well, my hope that I would blog once a week hasn't happened.  But then we are working through our second lot of illness in just over a month.

2. Ds7 is now four months old.  A day after I last wrote he began 'batting'.  What a treasured moment the first time they look up at your face and up pops their little hand to touch your face.  Now we have to be careful as he has started reaching out to grab things.  I always remember being caught unaware with DD1 when she was this age.  We were at a mothers group drinking tea and she reached out and grabbed my cup.  Fortunately my tea wasn't very hot.
He has being rolling front to back for a few weeks, but is on the brink of rolling from back to front.
He is very strong with his arms and legs and has even surprised us by pulling up his knees under himself when laying on his tummy on the mat.  Will he be an early crawler?
He has changed his 'talking'  from 'coo coo's' to 'mum' type sounds.  He laughed at one of the children the other week when they did something 'funny'.
He is sick for the second time in a month.  The first time he had a runny nose, but the second time, which he is almost over now, he had three nights of fever followed by an ear infection, and now a snuffly nose.  I've been holding him all day practically for almost a week, poor little fellow.  I feel like I need a week of good sleep to get my energy back.

3. We saw a Peregrine Falcon in a tree near our house.  We all wished we had a different lens so we could take closer shots, but here's what we took:

3.  We haven't had the most focused Lent, I'm planning to talk with everyone tonight to make the most of the remaining time. I will write us out a plan to guide us from Palm Sunday through Easter, to keep us on track.  I really love this sermon from Audio Sancto.  Father gives some of the most useful advice, that I've ever come across, on how to battle against your faults.  
We had green iced cup-cakes for St. Patrick's day.  I managed to get a copy of  'Song of the Swallows' by Leo Politi, which arrived the day before St. Joseph's day.  It is a definite favorite.  St. Benedict's being on a Friday we just listened to a story about him.  For the Annunciation we had the pleasure of having friends around for lunch, and we had cupcakes (I'm finding cup-cakes the easy thing to do at the moment with Ds7 being so young.  Nice and easy, plus no cutting up cake.) I had a craft planned, but my printer ran out of ink.
I have to get the Lent/Easter box out again to get out our picture books for Holy Week/Easter.  I'm a bit late in veiling our statues/pictures for Passiontide, but under an inspiration I set up a new prayer altar yesterday and everyone was so pleased to see how it all looked that I thought I would leave covering it all up for the next day.  I must make some custom fit veils next year.

4.  Here are pictures of our new altar.  

 I have put the baby mat in front of the altar at the moment, but hope to get a rug to put there instead.  The little ones have their own altar on the right.  The blue trolley on the left is home-school books. 

 I bought 100% beeswax candles for the first time recently and how much nicer they are than regular candles.  The smell is beautiful!  We only light our candles for special occasions.  I never turn my back on them.  I always blow them out before leaving the room.  I light them, I blow them out.  Saves arguments. 

 Our spiritual books corner.  The chair is a op-shop find from last week.  I hope to make some covers for it, but am not sure as to the colour yet.  The silver bowl holds our rosaries, but I'd like to make a wooden rosary rack.

5. Some iphone pics:
 I just love Ds7's sweet little face in this pic.
 We don't usually give our babies dummies/binkies but we take some along if we have to go on a long drive somewhere.  Ds7 is the first to be able to keep it in his mouth with any success.  

 Do you get photo's like these on your phone?  I think the above one is a work of art.

Another interesting shot.

6. Pics of those Christening dresses I found:

7.  Things are not going as hoped for with soccer so far.  I knew that a 6pm finish for training would be likely, especially for Ds2, but he finishes at 6.30pm and Ds2 6.45pm!  This is way too late for me.  Dh can't help me because of his rolling shift-work.  I don't like being out that late with such a small baby during winter, and both these boys are asthmatics so I don't really like the idea of them out in the dark and cold at night either.  We may need to re-think our commitment to the season.

8.  We have almost found a place for everything and have done most of our de-clutter.  The weekend will be spent giving the house a whole tidy, ready for Holy Week and Easter.

9. We are hoping to start working on our Aviary soon, and also a big rabbit hutch.  We are in the process of drawing up plans.  I would really like to get a large corrugated iron planter soon too so we can start growing vege's.  Sadly the beans I planted, for science, did not grow.  I think they must've been too old.

10.  Oh, and I can't forget.  Dd3 and Ds4 will be having their First Holy Communion on Good Shepherd Sunday.

11.  Lastly, I bought an exercise bike.  I will use it, I really

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  1. Lovely to see a snapshot into all that has been happening - the next best thing to visiting! Baby is lovely!
    God bless.