Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Our Home Oratory for July - Month Dedicated to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus

I hadn't planned to post more pictures of our home oratory this July as I had already put some in my previous post.  But then someone spilt a large amount of water on our oratory linens (!!) requiring them to be taken off for drying and a few changes occurred.  One of the children thought the arrangement would be better if we put the chalice level with the crucifix.  I also found the red cloth we usually use for July (I'm still sorting out things from our last move!) and got out our statue of St. Anne for the children's oratory.

Without the linens you can see how I have built the back shelf.  It is a couple of pieces of wood from Dh's work, one piece resting on top of stacks of books (got so many books that you don't know what to do with them??  Create shelves with them lol ;) and the other resting in front.  I would like to make the shelf properly when I can (ie. with nails and more wood, not books), varnish it the same colour as the table, and then will only have linens on the table and not covering the shelf.

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