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The Liturgical Year in Our Home - May - Month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Coronation of the Virgin, Gentile da Fabriano circa 1420 Source: The J. Paul Getty Museum

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Marian Antiphon:  
From Easter until the Saturday after Pentecost, the day before Trinity Sunday:
Regina Caeli (as sung for Compline) Regina Caeli (As you would sing it instead of the Angelus)

From Saturday the day before Trinity Sunday until Advent: Salve Regina
Note: The Angelus now replaces the Regina Caeli from Trinity Sunday on.

Hymn for the month: Bring Flowers of the Rarest Sung by Brother Alphonsus Mary.

Recipes for May: Catholic Cuisine

Our Home Oratory for May

May Crowning 

At Our Parish 

At Home

May 1st  St Joseph the Worker

Saint Joseph, Philippe de Champaigne c. 1650  

May 2nd  St. Athanasius
Saint Athanasius,  M.Damaskenos (late 16th c.)  Source: Wikimedia

May 4th  St. Monica

Saint Augustine and Saint Monica, Ary Scheffer  1846  Source: Wikimedia

May 5th  Pope St. Pius V

  Pope Pius V, August Kraus  1926  Source: Wikimedia
May 13th  Our Lady of Fatima

Source:All About Mary

May 13th  St. Robert Bellarmine


May 20th  St. Bernadine of Siena

Holy Name Tiles/Plaques These are probably easiest to order if you live in Europe but I hope to give them a try when I have a few pennies set aside one day.  Would look excellent above an entry doorway.

There is also this Holy Name tile from Etsy which is easier to order worldwide.  A lovely seller.  One thing to keep in mind though.  They come with little hooks and a tile I ordered fell off its hook, thankfully undamaged!  I do recommend taking a look at other tiles which are available too.  They are good quality and a lovely way to decorate the home.

Source: Wikimedia

May 22nd  St. Rita

Colouring page
Source: Wikimedia

May 26th  St. Phillip Neri

May 27th  St. Bede the Venerable

Source: Vultus Christi
May 31st  The Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary

page 3 (scroll down to find)
Coronation of the Virgin, Diego Velázquez  Source: Wikimedia

Moveable Feasts 

 Ascension (White)

Very occasionally this feast falls in June, but the next time this occurs is 2038.
Recipes for the Ascension: Catholic Cuisine  (Scroll to the bottom of the page for the recipes)

Ascension, Giotto  1304-06  Source:Wikimedia

I like this picture.  It is great for children as they can see, Jesus is going 'up' to Heaven.

Pentecost (Red)

Pentecost mostly falls in May but very often in June too.  The next time it will be in June is in 2019.
Recipes for Pentecost: Catholic Cuisine  (Scroll to the bottom for the recipes)
Source: Wikimedia

Mary Mother of the Church

This is a new feast.  It is moveable and is to be on Monday, the day after Pentecost, Pentecost Monday.

Virgin of the Navigators, Alejo Fernandez  1531-36  Source: Wikimedia
Trinity Sunday
The Sunday after Pentecost.

Icon of the Holy Trinity, Andrei Rublev (between circa 1400 and circa 1410) Source: Wikimedia

Corpus Christi 
The Thursday after Trinity Sunday.
Can fall in May, as it has just done this year, but mostly occurs in June.

Corpus Christi Procession, Carl Emil Doepler  Source: Wikimedia

As usual I will most likely add more to this post.  Also if anyone sees any errors please let me know.  


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