Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Our Home Oratory for April - Month Dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament (Eastertide)


If you have seen the pictures of our oratory for Easter you may notice some differences here.  It is typical of me that we get into the season a bit and I get idea's of what might look/work better.  I find that taking pictures is very helpful as it helps me to remember the next year what I'd like to repeat so I don't have to start from scratch again (which with my memory would happen).  I can just look at the picture and set it up again.  There still comes the inevitable inspiration though.  So maybe I should say the photo's give me a good starting point instead ;)
During the Easter octave I have banners and gold tablecloths etc about.  After the octave I take these down but keep out pictures relevant to Easter, our 'Alleluia' letters, and Easter candle.  Flowers are only kept up for the octave and for important feasts such as the Annunciation.  I would keep flowers on our oratory throughout Eastertide but just can't afford to do so, and sadly there are none in our garden.  At Ascension an icon of the Ascension will replace our icon of the Resurrection and our Easter candle will be taken down the night before.  At Pentecost an icon of the Descent of the Holy Ghost will be displayed instead.  The 'Alleluia' letters are taken down on the Saturday, the eve of Trinity Sunday.  On Trinity Sunday the Angelus is prayed again instead of the Regina Caeli.

Put simply:
Easter candle up until the eve of the Ascension.
Alleluia letters (on our oratory) and Regina Caeli until the Saturday, the eve of Trinity Sunday.
Trinity Sunday begins the 'season after Pentecost'.

Our Easter candle on the right.


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