Saturday, August 26, 2017

5 - 9 months old

5 Months Old

I don't usually take pictures with the flash, so I think here she's thinking, 'what was that!'

6 Months Old

First Foods

I decided to wait until Dd8 was 6 months old to start solids.  So far I'm regretting it.  I usually start not long after 4 months old but my babies never seemed to eat a whole lot nor have too much interest before 6 months so I thought this time I'd just leave it till 6 months.  The pictures below tell the story. For her first try of food I gave her sweet potato.  You would have thought I gave her lemons.  The next day I tried again with rice cereal thinking maybe something bland might be the way to go but she made a worse face.  I left it a week and tried again but no interest at all and so it has been since.  She won't open her mouth for the spoon.  So I tried my finger thinking the spoon might be the problem.  It worked one time.  I tried cutting down her feeds.  Didn't work.  Now I'm trying putting the food on her tray with the idea of letting her feed herself.  She mostly plays with it and might, just might, put one tiny bit in her mouth as she did last night.  One whole pea.  But then made a sour face and spat it out.  I saw online that there is what they call baby led weaning where you give the baby their meal to eat for themselves, as I have been trying.  But she isn't terribly interested.  Now she's 9 months and I'm trying not to panic.  The big issue for her seems to be the taste.  I'm trying to concentrate on the fact that she is happy and healthy looking and growing well.

7 Months Old
Sitting nicely at 7 months.

8 Months Old

I can move these things!

Who can come up with a caption for this one??

9 Months

On a morning that says 'spring is here'

She sees something 'amazing' outside.


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