Monday, April 3, 2017

Four Months Old

Trying to put her into a baby pose lol

The finger at the front of the pic is some naughty person trying in fun, to ruin the shot.  The other way they attempt to do this is by dodging their head or hand in front of the lens as I try to take the shot.  

Learning the piano.

Learning advanced piano.

'take a picture of my Ocimus Primy' he said.

8 tomorrow

She has just started grabbing her feet, and also rolls front to back in this last week, so pretty much at 4 months exactly.  She did notice her feet a few weeks back.  We have a video of her looking at them and making them move, and her wonder at being able to control them.

'There's a digger outside'

Photo taken by Dd5 who is 8 tomorrow

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