Monday, January 2, 2017

A Baptism, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Receiving the blessed salt.  

Items used for the baptism.

Her Godparents are Dd1 and Ds2 :)

Father baptises babies well i.e. he pours the water over their heads many times.  I had so many chances to get a good shot of her being baptised, but they were all blurry (big sigh!)  

Being anointed with chrism

Receiving her white garment.

You can see her brown scapular and miraculous medal here.  She was invested in the brown scapular and consecrated to Our Lady.  I missed taking a picture...  (I think Father has baptised 5 babies in this last couple of months!)

Receiving my blessing for after childbirth.

What a pretty picture!  Hoping to get Photoshop or some such soon and then we can try editing the red out of her poor  dry lip.

It was one of the parishioners birthday.  Ds6 blew out the trick candles.  Over and over and over until it was agreed that only family members would want to eat that cake due to the amount of blowing and so we could take the cake home lol.  

Look at all that chrism in her hair!


  1. More incredible pictures and I just LOVE how your oldest two are godparents. We do the same with our children and it's such a special bond

  2. What a wonderful day!!! Love the smell of the chrism...