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I have only just begun making this page as you will see, but I will keep adding to it and add a link to it in a future post when it is finished/ish (I will keep adding to it over time.)  I work better on a post like this if it is not hidden in drafts where I may never get to it.  

The Latin Mass

How to find a Latin Mass
Fssp Mass Locations  There are many different organisations around now but the Fraternity of St. Peter are a good place to start.  Even if they are not in your area they will probably know who is and can help.

Online Mass

Roman Catholic Daily Missal (1962) Angelus Press  Complete missal.

The next few missals are just for when you are starting out.  They are very basic Sunday missals:

Learning to Follow the Mass : An Extraordinary Missal for the Extraordinary Form by Lisa Bergman  For older children from those who can read well and up, but good for adults too.  This is too large really.  About A4 size.  There is an updated version which contains more info.  I don't know if it is smaller.  I like this one because it sticks just to the Mass, though I might change my mind if I could see the new edition properly i.e. not an online sample.  
Roman Catholic Sunday Missal Booklet - 1962, Tridentine Rite - Angelus Press around A5 size
Latin-English Booklet Missal For Praying The Traditional Mass  essentially the same as the one above but pocket sized.
Latin Mass Children's Missal   For children roughly 6-12
Manners in God's House : First Prayers and First Missal  For little ones who can turn pages without ripping them out.

A general website with loads of info
Fish Eaters

Religious Orders 
Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer  Redemptorists
Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer - Their blog
Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles  Benedictines

Altar cards
Dominican rite (links are direct to jpg download) Gospel Centre Epistle  Ornate (free download)
Two different sets of altar cards Simple (free download)
Altar cards  Simple (free download)
Vesting prayers  (goes straight to pdf download) plain document
Hand illuminated altar cards Ornate (free printable)
Low Mass - Card for Altar Servers  (goes straight to pdf)
Small altar card set  Ornate, a lovely set!  A purchase needed, from Angelus Press

Altar server
How to serve the Latin Mass - Prayers at the Foot of the Altar - PRIEST AND SERVER

Paper Doll
Paper doll priest, altar boy, and altar etc.  This is a free download

Veils By Lily

For Children

Holy Families Don't Just Happen  (Courtship)


Forming Catholic Children  You can listen to the entire set of this conference for free, but it costs just a $1US to buy.  Absolutely worth it!

The Divine Office 


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