Thursday, September 15, 2016

On the Road Again

I'm pinching a bit of my husband's mobile phone internet via the wireless thingy to write this ;)  The house internet is off for a week as we change providers.  But I thought I'd update about our move.

We moved early August to a different suburb in Perth.  It is really lovely!  We are enjoying it!  We have spent quite a few years in new suburbs in recent times where the trees have yet to develop.  Not our favourite at all!  Our new suburb is as old as I am ;)  So lots of large eucalypts and thick Aussie bush.  We are also 10 minutes walk from a lake which we just might start walking to once I get over 30 weeks (almost 29 now).    We have always wanted to try living in this suburb actually but it is very difficult to get into.  And now here is where I need to explain more...

We were actually on the brink on moving to Melbourne.  Or at least to somewhere in Victoria close to Melbourne.  Everything was set to go.  Planning all done. And we did LOTS of planning!  Dh was going to start applying for jobs the very next week.

But then we found out our rental was being put up for sale.  And then at the same time my progesterone, which has been monitored this pregnancy, dropped a bit.  My Dr said best to try to relax and go on a higher dose again.  We wondered what to do.  It seemed staying put until bub was born would be the wisest course of action (no moving interstate), yet best to move with the house being put up for sale.  A temporary rental??  I emailed a friend the same day and they knew of a rental coming up in the next few weeks which we could rent for a short period of time, and it was in the one suburb that we'd always wanted to try living in in Perth!  Thank you God!

The move went well, and I tried not to be stressed at all, I let Dh do the packing, moving and most of the cleaning.  I did feel rather useless but moving and the pregnant lady do not go together, particularly when you have had a few babies.  I did try to do what seemed little things, but hurt my tummy muscles, and so resigned to being 'moving support helper' ;)

There was one funny thing that happened when we moved.  Our large aviary was moved last.  We left it empty and the door open.  When Dh and the older children returned to get it three pigeons which had been daily visitors to our yard, often checking out our aviary, were sitting perched inside.  I guess curiosity got the better of them.  They were glad to be released no doubt.  On another day we also rescued a Spotted pigeon squab which had gotten itself trapped behind some wire which surrounds the outside air con unit.  It would likely have died if we hadn't found it.

Now back to more explaining.  Where we were had gotten to be a bit on the unhappy side.

Not long after we had moved in we found out we had troubled neighbours behind us.  One day one of the fellows living there jumped into our backyard with the police close behind in pursuit and ran out the front, by way of the side of the yard (thankfully the children were on the other side of the yard).  We later found out this house was a dr*g house.  I don't think we ever recovered our sense of peace after this, but the house lay empty pretty much for 6 months or more after this.

The neighbours in our own street we got along with really well. We really enjoyed living in this place, especially the first year when Ds7 was born, even though it was very far from our dream location.

We really want to settle down and though we knew we would move on before too long the place was one of many happy memories, it was home.  But then a few months before we moved two of our immediate neighbours left and new ones moved in, and the whole street changed.

Both lots of new neighbours brought with them large dogs which escaped onto the street all the time.  These were not friendly dogs.  The children stopped playing out the front.  We even had the police come around one night after there had been a problem at one of these new neighbours homes.  How things can change.  We weren't feeling very safe or happy at all, we were glad to move out.  But also sad to leave.

It is a funny thing to move homes.  We were ready and happy to move.  But Dd1 and myself were left feeling torn away.  How can other people move in? and behave as if it were their home?  Sit in the places we sat?

I'm thinking we really need to settle down.  Really, really need to.  I'm praying we find that place soon.

We have time to think now, and plan.  Baby is due early December.  I think we can take a good 6 months to think and pray.  We find ourselves in the one suburb which might entice us to stay in Perth...  and we may yet.

But after a conversation with a friends mother I am reminded of the big picture which had been 'moving east'.  And where we are doesn't fit this picture.  Will we be on the road again soon?

The big picture?  Somewhere rural but close to a big city so we can enjoy country life but still have access to big city facilities.  Somewhere wet, green and fertile, good for getting into self sufficiency. Perth is dry, sandy, and very expensive.  To go further out is to be quite isolated.  There are small country cities but they are far from Perth, which is the only major city on the west-coast of Australia.

A place where we can afford to buy a big bit of land and share it with our family.  Close to a lot of activities that our family have an interest in.  The east coast seems to have more options for our growing family.

(If we win the lotto I'd love to take a look at Pennsylvania, but just forget I said that.  I'm not sure to be honest if we could be anything other than Aussies, the Aussie bush is deep in our hearts, might find ourselves homesick for it ;)

Back to now and out of that moment of dreaming.

Our new place has lots of birdlife!  As bird lovers this is just fantastic.  We have seen Rainbow Lorikeets, Twenty-Eight parrots, Crested pigeons, Boobok owls (heard in this case), Pink and Grey Galahs and Red Wattlebirds in our garden.

At the front of our house is a very large palm with all its dead leaves hanging about it.  Some Galahs have built a nest in it.  They make a big mess throwing out bits they don't want and dropping bits they are trying to bring in.  There was a lot of fighting between them and some Twenty-Eight parrots who decided they would like that nest for their own.  Quite something to watch them fight!  We would find eggs at the bottom of the tree as one group would throw the others eggs out having temporarily 'won' the nest.  But finally the Galahs seem to have won.

And so I feel very restful here.  I can almost imagine we are in the countryside with the large trees sheltering our home making it feel enclosed, and the many birds, and the wood burning in the fire place.  I'm trying not to think much of moving, but of preparing for baby who will be here soon :)

Shall update on my pregnancy soon.  So exciting to feel little elbows and knees.  Bubs was breech a few weeks back.  Nothing unusual for this stage but something new for me.  Not sure which way she ;) is now, please pray for her to turn!

So off now to have some internet free time :)  I will be checking my email from time to time for any who need to contact me though.  Using Dh's phone wireless again ;)

God bless!


  1. How lovely that God has provided a beautiful restful spot as you prepare for your precious new baby girl to be born. I'm so proud of you stepping back and resting, especially when you would have preferred a more active role in the move.

    1. Thanks Elisa!

      Truly it is a blessing! My sister who will be looking after the children when we go to hospital is now only minutes away, as is the hospital. So good to go from stressful to restful too!

      It can be so hard to step back when you are pregnant. Getting to the nesting end you just want to be active too. We've moved during 4/8 of my pregnancies. I've learnt, hard as it is, to let others do things for you. So easy to get away with yourself and so easy to get hurt and potentially hurt baby. Not worth it at all!

  2. Sounds like you're in holding pattern at the moment but enjoying 'the moment'. It is far greener over here, would be big for you to leave your parents though! Pray all going well with bub

  3. So happy for you Sharyn. All the best with baby's arrival in December.

  4. Oh I've missed a heap. Lovely to get back and read this. What a lot you were going though. I hope God gives you peace for a while! Love Di