Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pregnancy journal - 8 weeks - We saw a heartbeat... Morning sickness...

I had my ultrasound scan on Wednesday.  Dd1 came with me.  We saw a heartbeat!  Thank you God!
Baby measure 1.5cm (If I remember right) and was decided to be 7 weeks, 6 days old.  So a couple of days ahead.  I'll take those.  Anything that makes me a little further along.
It's something quite amazing to look at that little beating heart.

At the end of my scan the lady asked me if I'd be back for the Downs Syndrome test.  I wish I had said, 'no, we always wait till they are born to find out'.  I just said a simple 'no' instead because I was stunned for a moment.  To think, that we actually think that this is an 'okay' choice!  To find out, and then to 'do' something about it.  There was something about the way she said it shocked me for a minute.   A flash of something evil hidden behind an seemingly ordinary veneer.

The scan was very comforting, but my tummy aches continue.  My morning sickness  all day all night sickness got worse within hours of my last post.  I was making a lasagne and put on a layer of mushrooms.  I put the remaining mushrooms back in the fridge and when I turned back to look at the lasagne the mushrooms suddenly looked very sickening.  I hurriedly took off the whole lot.  That did fix the problem lol.

And the sickness is staying strong, so all seems well.  My sickness usually starts at 6 weeks, but started at 5 1/2 weeks this time.  The first week wasn't too bad.  Then it gets worse at about 7 weeks.  8 weeks to 9 is tough.  Then if I remember rightly it gets a little less at 9 and decreases gradually until it's completely gone by 13-14 weeks.  It took till 16 weeks with Dd5 because I had a week of extreme sickness.

What I've learnt about pregnancy sickness:  (this is probably only useful to ladies who have the same level of sickness as me or less. )
Eat little and often.  Don't eat rubbish foods if you can help it.
Don't eat sugary things, they leave a yucky nauseating taste in your mouth.
If you don't like the smell of something get rid of it, or keep away from it.
Keep hydrated.
Ginger doesn't work for everyone.  Like me for instance.  I don't like ginger unless it's hidden somewhat.
If your nose doesn't like the smell of it you probably won't like the taste of it.
Brush your teeth short and sweet.  Do it an extra time during the day if need be rather than brush for longer.  Gurgling to rinse your mouth is a bad thing to do, keep it super short.
Make easy to cook meals.
Go to bed nice and early.
Iced things are nice.  I'd really like a lemonade icy pole right now.   Goes against the don't have sugar I know.  Some iced thing would be good.
Milk products, oily things, yuck!
Offer up your sickness.

My craving during this pregnancy sickness:  fresh toasted turkish bread with fresh tzatziki dip which has mint leaves in it.
Least favourite food:  carrots, baked beans (reminds me of other pregnancy sicknesses from the past)
Favorite drink:  warm water
Least favourite smell:  burnt oven smells, perfume of any variety, the shampoo fragrance in Ds7's  hair when he snuggles up to me, the floor cleaner we use to mop the floor, basically anything that has any kind of smell.
Nicest smells:  soft lemon is okay.  My roses are still okay apparently.  Anything that doesn't smell.
What I'd really like to do:  Sit on a rocking chair under the veranda of some country cottage all day long snoozing and watching birds, smelling fresh air, listening to cows and chickens (listening meaning they are far away and I can't smell them), eating lemonade icy poles and eating turkish bread and tzatziki dip.
Things I had forgotten about this stage:  I feel so muddle headed.  You forget what pregnancy brain is like.
What 'morning sickness' is like for me:  For each pregnancy (regardless of it being a girl or boy), feeling a gnawing sick feeling in my tummy 24/7.  Sometimes if I don't avoid/stop doing/smelling/eating something quick enough I can be sick.
Past sickness trivia:  I never watch tv but during pregnancy sickness I would watch cooking shows.  A lot.  The program which we call 'tomato, capsicum'  which fellow Aussie might recognise as 'Ready, steady, cook' makes my kids want to run away.  'No more tomato, capsicum mum!'

Memories from sicknesses past:

With Dd1 I woke up one morning and thought pineapple for breakfast would be nice.  Let me tell you, it is not lol.

With Ds2 I ate lots of baked beans or spaghetti toasties.  We were living in Sydney at the time.

With Dd5 when I started to feel sick I lay down and read lots of Michael O'Brien novels.  I absolutely love being pregnant and having babies, but detest the sickness part.  For this pregnancy I just wanted to escape the illness some how.  The novels were good but the lying down and not drinking or eating much wasn't.  I was feeling a little despair at the illness and since I didn't like the taste of our water at the time and couldn't think of things 'nice' to eat, I gave up. It ended up with me starting a sickness cycle for a week which I couldn't stop without medicine.  I discovered that (for me, and not women with hyperemesis) lying down, and not drinking or eating much in response to feeling sick doesn't help at all, it makes it worse.  If I keep eating and drinking I will still feel yuck but won't get in a bad nausea cycle.

Also with Dd5.  I told Dh that the house was full of stinky things.  He interpreted this as requiring him to buy lots of things to make the house smell nice.  You know those little 'puff a spray of smell' things etc.  I couldn't convince him that he was making the problem worse.  When he wasn't looking I would turn them off or hide them.

Can't remember anything else right now.  I may come back to edit.  I'm starting to get an issue I have during pregnancy where I can't look at a computer screen too long or it causes my vision to go funny. A brightness issue I think.  Another good way to make sure I don't spend too much screen time a day ;)

God bless all and thanks for your prayers!


  1. So happy for you seeing the little one and the heartbeat!!! But sad for you with the sickness. Glad you've learned some coping techniques.

    1. It was so good to see baby's heartbeat! :) I have friends who have had hyperemesis for either part or the whole of their pregnancies. I could cry for them to think about it. How hard it must've been. Coping with the sickness is not something that I have got a whole lot better with over all my pregnancies, but I hope at least the children will enjoy reading this journal one day.

      You are getting pretty close now! Too exciting!! xx

  2. Such an exciting time, to be tempered with all day sickness, roses and thorns. Lovely for you and dd1 to see the heartbeat! All the best, praying for you. xoxo EM

  3. Praying for you Sharyn. I am so glad that you got to see that beautiful heartbeat, it is one of the most precious things to see.

  4. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Deo Gratias! It is so wonderful that you saw that beautiful heart beat. I'm sorry to hear you feel ill, but as you know it is a good sign, good to offer up, and good that you should have an end to it eventually. Hopefully you'll follow your 'pattern' and be well by 14 weeks or so. :-) God bless!

  5. Thank you Kimberlee!! I'm over 9 weeks now and it seems I am feeling a touch better. I forgot to mention in my post too how I have such wonderful help this time around with the children being a bit older and able to help with washing and cooking and things. They are such a blessing to me!