Sunday, December 27, 2015

On the Third Day of Christmas

At Our Parish

I wasn't able to take pictures of our parish altar on Christmas day.  I should have given the camera to Dd1 to take photo's at the midnight Mass but forgot.  So I took some today; the altar was still the same as for Christmas day.  It must have been beautiful at the midnight Mass!

Christmas Family Picture

  We also managed to take a family photo after Mass today.  Thanks Lynda!

Ds2 is standing on his tip toes here.  Hasn't beat me in height just yet ;)

Some Fun With Bokeh

 I had a little fun with trying to take some shots with bokeh in the afternoon.  It took me a while to get it right.  We will experiment a little more to see what other pictures we can take.  The wax Christ Child was made by Dd1 out of pure beeswax.

A very hot day today.  Perhaps that is the end of the cooler weather for now.  
A peaceful day though at last.  

Editing to add that this must have been the second day of Christmas, as we found a young Turtledove fallen from its nest in the evening.  Today we shall keep an eye out for some French Hens ;)

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