Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

The bokeh 

These bokeh pic's were the first photo's of Christmas day, taken by Dd1 while I was still unconscious on the bed from lack of sleep yet to get up.  

Oh, what a night Christmas Eve was.  We are still recovering from our oversea's holiday in October and so only last minute Christmas gift preparations were possible and the aim was to keep it simple.  But oh my, last minute preparations for a family with 7 children are difficult, even when you are trying to keep it simple.  I was only able to go shopping for gifts in the last few days before Christmas and even with my list found myself becoming confused and overwhelmed.  So many people, many of the idea's on my list not on the shelves, huge queues, time running out, rows and rows of expensive rubbishy toys.

Normally I would try to source good quality presents from the internet, but with that option gone, what to do?  Our usual thing is one 'want', one 'need', one book (or two, or more ;) , a new set of clothes for Christmas day, and some family presents (I was amazed to see on Like Mother Like Daughter that this is what lots of others do too).  

This year though it was a small want, a book (these I did mostly order from the internet ahead of time) and a few family presents (some games).

I ended up doing a lot of running around and after a lot of effort mostly found things that I was happy with, and only a few where I just settled for 'better than nothing'.  But there I was, even on Christmas eve at the shops till the early evening! :(  No time to make a late minute pudding as I planned for that day.  I've never left it so late but I was still prepared to give it a go.  Can you make a pudding the day before?  I was prepared to find out.  Would it crumble?  I wondered.  Would it be breaking some 'pudding law'? Well it takes 6 hours for the first boil when making a pudding, and folks, I had run out of time.  No pudding for this Christmas day. 

Christmas eve was such a flurry of action that I knew it would be a late night.  The children had fun decorating the trees. They were ablaze with lights and a dazzle of color by the time they were finished.  (Does anyone else find these new LED lights too bright?)  

The three littlest stayed at home with me while the others went with their Pa to midnight Mass, as we decided it was too windy to take them.  I only managed to finish all my preparations and go to bed just before they arrived home after 2 am.  Ds7 (2 years old) heard them come home and caught the excitement from them as they returned and he wouldn't sleep for the next hour or so.  So I finally got to sleep at what I guess to be about no later than 4am.  Once I managed to get myself up I went to Mass with the little ones.  It's the first time we haven't gone to Christmas Mass as a family.  I thought I was okay about it but started crying about it as I was driving home.  Guess it's something I'll have to get used to as everyone gets older.  Wish we had just all gone to midnight Mass.  Oh well, live and learn, as they say.

Something else I want to burn into my mind remember... Start preparing for next Christmas waaay in advance!!!  So Christmas eve can be a time of peaceful activity and reflection. 

Hard to see from this shot, but those lights are really bright!
I thought I would to have a tree decorated like those in the magazines this year.  I bought the fashionably colored baubles inspite of protest from the children, feeling some scrooge tingles as I did.  We got home and I put up a few on the tree to see what they would look like.  So pale and pasty.  I realised at once my mistake.  The children were right.  Good old fashioned bright colored baubles put up as only children can are the way to go (well, you know, with a bit of rearrangement after to space out bunches of baubles lol but generally, children decorated).

'Baby' playing the part of the baby Jesus.  
We didn't end up doing too well with our 'put in a straw for a good deed', but baby Jesus could not have a hard bed and so lots of 'hay' was stuffed in the manger for a soft bed.  And to do such a thing is a kindness of heart, and a good deed in itself.   

The gifts

Her gift been oddly shaped I needed a box to put them in and this cake box was it ;)

Ah, yes, not a cake for Christmas lol, but something else.

Some horses and pencils :)

Lego.  Sigh.  What else, lol
 I hadn't wanted to get the boys more lego, but it was hard to find anything else at the last moment.

Pencils and horses too.

Dd1 wanted plastic horses too as she likes to collect them.  She wanted them as models to draw too.  She also got a small pack of copic markers which she really liked.

Look at the chocolate on his face.  Turns out he's a chocolate and candy fiend.  

When I was wrapping this gift I realised that we already have it!  Thankfully she didn't seem to notice as it has a different cover than the copy we previously bought.

He's a big cat lover.  The Fire Cat is such a cute 'cat' book.  A lovely story.

Chocolates for Pa.  Maybe one or two for Ma ;)

Everyone opening up one of the family gifts. The board game Risk.

Quite a lot of Aussie birds in 'Bird Bingo'.  Kids had a great time playing this game with their Aunty.

Christmas night dinner

We had a very simple dinner with my sister after a big lunch.  We enjoyed listening to the Christmas Hymns playlist that I made.  We have a few new favorites that we hope to learn over the Christmas season.  Perhaps some of the ones in old English.

Around our home

Our 'Christ' candle.

Couldn't find the 'j'! Re oice! :(  Off to the shops I will have to go.

The large material nativity needs finishing off, but I'm in need of a new sewing machine.  Should look lovely when I have a chance to sew it some time.  Or maybe frame it?

A very blessed Christmastide from our family to yours!


  1. A happy and holy Christmas to you all! Lovely to see your beautiful family enjoying Christmas, and you really are such a great photographer.
    Love to everyone.

  2. Merry Christmas Sharyn to you and your family xxx

    1. Hope your family had a lovely day too! And a Happy New year to you all! xx