Thursday, October 29, 2015

At the Airport

 I'm finally getting around to writing about our trip to Jakarta.  I had hoped to blog from Jakarta as things happened but the internet connection couldn't handle the photo's.  I wish I had written something anyway because now I can't remember many of the things I wanted to write about.

We left for the airport in good time, at 2pm, taking 1 hour to arrive at the airport, for a quarter to 6 take off.  That might seem like going too early but with a big family everything takes longer and you don't want time blow outs from any difficulties that may arise stopping you from boarding your flight.

My sister who works at the airport visited us a few days before we left and said it was a shame she hadn't brought us some boarding passes to fill out ahead of time.  I had to agree after we got to the check-in and saw the cards.  It did take us some time to fill out all nine.  If we are ever to go on another overseas trip I will see if we can get some to do beforehand.  Everything else flowed on fairly easily.  We only took four suitcases, albeit large ones, and were way under our weigh allowance.

We went through the security/immigration points which was impressive to Ds6 in particular it seems.  I had to stand with my arms above my head in a special scanning area.  On the way back from Jakarta in their airport Ds6 was the first to go through the security scans.  He walked through and then stood on the other side with his hands in the air dutifully.  He stood with an air of expectation and the officers looked at him with bemusement but he wouldn't stop putting his hands in the air lol.
I tried to talk to him standing where I was waiting to go through the scan, but he was so focused on what he was doing that he just kept standing there waiting to be 'checked'.  One of the officers eventually understood that more was required than just saying he was 'right to go' and brushed him over with a metal detector (?).  He was then satisfied.  It was funny to watch furtive smiles from the oh so serious guards.

Here now are some pics of before we left :)


  1. Terrific airport photos! Too funny about your son having his hands in the air. :) He knew just what to do, even if the security guards didn't. :) Too cute.

    1. Oh he was so cute :). I would have taken some pictures, it's one of those moments when you would just naturally reach for a camera, but of course I couldn't. Even just blogging it will help us remember though :)