Friday, September 18, 2015

We're off to Jakarta!!!

In the next few weeks we are off to Jakarta.  We had been hoping to go for my eldest nieces wedding but it wasn't until the last moment that we were sure that we could go, and so I have been super busy these last few weeks trying to organise everything.

The passports!!! This to me is one of the most tiresome parts of preparation for an oversea's holiday!  I spent days preparing the paperwork and photo's for them.  And then when we went for the interview, that was the day when a truck spilled tar all down the road we planned to go by causing it to be closed off,  and for us to have to go by a much longer route.  We were so late, but it didn't matter because I hadn't printed the forms off properly and so they were rejected.  I knew that they weren't, but thought it was only a tiny bit and so wouldn't matter.  I should have known better.  We managed to book another appointment at another location the next day and this time I had everything so well prepared that the officer said she's never seen applications so well prepared.  Today the first of the passports arrived and the others should arrive early next week, and so we are all set to go.  Except for packing...

Everyone is very excited to be going to Jakarta.  We were last there in 2007 when we had 4 children, aged 7 years old down through to 18 months old.  So our littlest three have yet to meet their family in Indonesia.

I have some anxiety about going though.  Last time we were sick within three days and ended up with our 18 month old in the hospital after a febrile convulsion.  What an awful day that was.  He had a fever that morning and after giving him a morning wash that was a little too warm, for a baby with fever, I took him into our bedroom to lay down.  As I was laying next to him he suddenly had a funny look on his face.  Like he could see something horrifying on the ceiling.  I looked to see what it was but there was nothing there.  He made an awful cry of fright and that's when he had the febrile convulsion.  I yelled out for someone to call an ambulance.  That's when I found out they don't have ambulances in Jakarta like they do in Australia.  My heart sank.  Part of me remembered reading something about febrile convulsions years before and how children are usually okay.  But the other part was looking at a child that looked like he was either dead or dying.  We all jumped into the car and drove off to the hospital, driving there slowly as it seemed to me, and past other hospitals, which were not 'ones to go to'.  When we arrived at the hospital the nurse asked the details and they said something along the lines of 'we often get westerners in here with their babies from this'.  Ds4 was given some medicine and stayed overnight on a drip.  One amazing thing about Indonesian hospitals is that the whole family can sleep in the room with the patient (this would be according to the severity of the problem) and so they set up a mattress for Dh and the children to sleep on.  It was something I really appreciated!  He went home the next day with antibiotics and was fine for the rest of the holiday.  But I wanted to go home.

In the hospital.  Please excuse my bed-hair.  I'll keep the photo little so you can't see so well ;) 

Below are a few photo's from last time.  Photo's of photo's sadly, as I'm not really sure where the files are.  I will update if I can find them.

Us with Dh's mum, central,  with Dh's sisters and brothers-in-law and their children.  

Out shopping :)

At Taman Safari.  The plants in the background are real.  We are in the mountains and the mist makes them look a bit like painted background.

On the way to Bandung.

There is lots to think about with travelling with seven children oversea's.  I must write down what we take and share it.  We got some new suitcases.  Just three.  They have 4 wheels though and this makes them easy, so we hope, to maneuver in the airport with so many people to keep track of.  We hope to take very little and then to have fun shopping when we get there :)  Clothing (and everything else) is much cheaper.  We will be staying at my mother-in-laws place.  The first week will be spent preparing for the wedding.  The wedding itself will be a lot of fun for the children.  The girls will have the fun of make-up and beautiful dresses and hairstyles.  Everyone will have a grand time meeting the extended family of whom there are many.

We hope to go to Taman Mini  and Taman Safari again.  Dh would like to go out and stay a night in the mountains in the tea region. I must research museums, as we have yet to go to some.  We will go to see the grave of Opung Doli (Grandpa.  Dh's dad).  There will be lots of visiting family.  Eating interesting new foods.  We will have to go to Bakmi GM for some noodles.  Dh is looking forward to some Padang food, and I would like some fried banana's (pisang goreng), and some martabak manis (looks like a large hot fresh crumpet folded in half with chocolate, peanuts and cheese inside) and the regular savory martabak (an egg an meat filled pastry which is fried), yum!  We would like to visit the Cathedral in Jakarta central and hope to attend a Latin Mass on the two Sundays we are there.
But most of all we hope to have a wonderful time with our family!  I will take a lot of photo's to share :)  Please spare a prayer if you can that we stay well and have a safe holiday, as this is such a rare thing to go to see our family in Jakarta, that I'd really like us to stay well so the children can remember this moment with their family as a good time rather than a time of sickness. Many thanks and God bless!!!


  1. So excited for you! And yes, definitely praying for good health.