Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Down By The Swan River, On Ds6's 4th Birthday

We went for a walk by the Swan River this morning while Dd1 and Dd3 did an embroidery class.  It was a beautiful fresh and sunny morning, unlike the day before where there had been several heavy downpours.  

The 4 year old birthday boy.

All the boys.

He still makes this funny face when I take his photo.  Be sure to watch out for more photo's with the 'arms out wide' pose.

They think they can see a swans nest in the reeds.

Trampling through the sticks.

I think this is my favorite shot.

Oops, if only I had gotten back a bit more.

His 'curious' face is captured perfectly here.

Our usual pic of Ds7 asleep on the way home.  Don't they look so cute when sleeping ;)


  1. Great photos! Especially love the tree portraits. What a wonderful, sunny outing!

  2. Oh, and happy birthday to your newest 4yo!! :)