Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Journal Entry 27.5.15

My laptop had a major malfunction recently after I accidentally dropped it.  Dh was able to save my photo's and files but... imagine what happens when you drop a whole pile of  plates.  Some are fine but many others are broken.  I feel so disheartened.  I've still yet to assess the full damage.  I had been in the process of uploading my photo's to an internet storage site.  Just going through and picking the good ones only, storage of large files can be so expensive.  Dh says I have at least 2 Terabyte!  I now wish I'd just uploaded the whole lot at reduced size, this you can do for free.  

 I had just got everything in my computer how I wanted it pretty much after having moved laptops after my last laptop had died.  Got all the programmes I needed.  Set up all my files.   

At this point I seem to have lost a good many files including some which had taken a lot of time and effort to create.  I think I can download some purchases again.  But oh the time needed to do all that!  And I keep thinking of Matthew 6:20, 'But lay up to yourselves treasures in heaven: where neither the rust nor moth doth consume, and where thieves do not break through, nor steal.', which is a verse that keeps popping up for me since we moved to this place and have had mice, silverfish and moths nibbling on things.

I have now put organizing, storing and printing of our family photo's as a top priority.  I'm praying we haven't lost anything important.  We do have most of it backed up on hard-disks, but those are temperamental beasts too.  It's a horrible irony to see that you may  have lost some irreplaceable photo's, yet have somehow managed to save pictures taken by the children of: the wall, someones face close up and blurry, 20 pictures of a bush that if you look really close reveals a lizard, lego men etc. etc. etc.

The next couple of pictures were taken on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.

A chocolate beard.

We have started sewing some skirts and tops for a couple of the girls dolls.  I will do a separate post with details on this once we are finished doing the complete outfit.  One problem I'm having though is with getting the tension right.  I'm thinking Dd1 and I should take some lessons.

The girls waiting patiently for their new clothes.  They will have to be patient a little longer yet.

Dd5 having her first go at sewing.

And one skirt is done.

Our new Hibiscus.  Must plant it out soon, but need to do some weeding of the flower bed first.
 Dh had his birthday recently and we took a drive out to Bullsbrook and ate some nice fried chicken and chips near the church there.

We saw a rainbow, and I don't know about you, but I can see where it touches the ground.  Where's a shovel ;)

Did I share this one already?  I can't remember.

Off to a good start with reading.

Saying his prayers.  Aren't they so sweet at this age.

Wearing 'Hulk' hair.

Now with these next few, I can't remember if I posted them before or not too.  
Ds6 was absolutely thrilled to borrow a Batman costume off a friend for a few minutes.  I don't think I've ever seen him so like' the cat that's got the cream'.  We must get some costumes.  We don't have any at the moment.

Actually, we are off to an early start, so I hope, for the preparation of our costumes for the All Saint's day party this year.  Everyone has decided on their saints.  I will get them to learn more about these saints before the day by reading books and doing research.  We have found a good pattern for robes and so hope to start making them soon.  

Dd1 and I are also wanting to get into sewing historical dress.  But first up will be the costumes for the party which for the most part will be simple robes.

A map drawn by Ds6 (3 3/4 yo ) after we went to Star Swamp.

One of our little 'doth consume' fiends friends.

The next few photo's are of the sunrise on the way to soccer.  When we left the house the sun was this huge glowing ball as it just peeked out from the horizon.  By the time we got out to the main road (3 minutes maybe) and found a spot to take a photo where the trees weren't blocking the sun, it had risen enough that it just looked like it usually does.  We all decided that it is indeed wonderful to be up at dawn.

The boys have started back at soccer and are loving it.  

Some Ibises.

I have heavily cropped the next photo which was taken by one of the children, and I will probably get in trouble from him down the track, but this was Ds7's first go on the big toilet.

He's growing up so fast, almost 18 months old now.  He can say quite a few words, knows the names of his body parts, uses two word sentences.  The other week we went to put on his sandles and he said 'don't shoe'.   He also pushed a pea up his nose the other month and something else that I can't remember the next night.  The pea I was able to get out with a technique we learned after Ds6 needed to go to the hospital to get Lego out from his nose.  Can't tell you how pleased I was when it came out.  The next object I was able to squeeze out from his nostril.  Don't you just love toddlers.  He is under close watch now when eating small nostrils sized bits of food lol.

Our Apocalypse studies are coming along.  Drawing skills have been developing well and we are in the process of getting the necessary items together to learn uncial calligraphy, one of the styles used in medieval manuscript.  We watched some video's on calligraphy and the Book of Kells.  I have been making a youtube playlist of the useful video's we are coming across which I will share shortly.

We have started running around the park after lunch each day.  Hopefully we can keep this up.  Ds2 is certainly the fittest of us all.  He is on the verge of growing taller than Dd1, and I guess I will be not long after that.  

I must get back onto overhauling our menu soon.  Something I have been doing on and off for about four years now.  Dd1 and Dd5 have obvious problems with milk, but I'm wondering if at least three others are having different problems because of it.  I'm hoping to finally see an allergy nutritionist soon to see what we need to do.  It does not just seem to be an issue with lactose but with other known and unknown foods too.  Ds2 had an allergic reaction on his lips the other day that caused mild swelling.  I think it was caused by eating over ripe tomatoes but with a reaction like that it's time for professional help.

 There has been much sharing of recipes on my Catholic homeschool email group in the past day and I am keen to try those recipes out.  The big challenge with a large family is to find economical changes. This is where we have failed before.  But I'm feeling up to round 5? 6? of trying to get a more suitable menu for our needs up and running.  I will be adding more Indonesian to the menu again I think as it is cow milk free and usually gluten free too, not to mention it has good antioxidants in it, anti-inflammatories like tumeric and is just plain yummy!

I'm reading quite a few books at once at the moment as I have a tendency to do. 

I'm hoping to do reviews of some of them when I'm finished.

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  1. LOVE all the pictures in this post, Sharyn! But I'm so sad to hear about your laptop - technology can be unbelievably frustrating. Please do share yummy Indonesian recipes when you get a chance - meals that are naturally gluten and dairy free are often so much nicer than ones that are adapted with replacements for the gluten and dairy elements. Hope you get those allergies figured out and that it's not too tricky to work around any restrictions!