Saturday, April 4, 2015

Our Home Altar - Palm Sunday through to Holy Saturday

Palm Sunday

Good Friday

At the beginning of the Stations of the Cross.

Note that the candles had to be brought forward so as not to be a fire risk with the purple fabric hanging down from the picture  on the wall above.
At the end of the Station of the Cross
We added something new to our Station of the Cross this year, which we prayed at about 3pm as we have done for a few Good Friday's now.  I read the following from the Transalpine Redemptorists blog the night before. 

 "The solemn prayers being ended, the officiating priest divests himself of his black cope, and having received from the deacon the altar cross, which was veiled at the beginning of Passion-tide, he uncovers, before all the people, first, the head of the crucifix, next, the right arm, and lastly the entire cross." , "Then the priest is passes the crucifix to the acolytes, and they hold it, while he removes his shoes and, genuflecting three times, humbly kisses the feet of the Crucified Lord. Then other clergy and people venerate it."  Quoted from the Transalpine Redemptorists blog

And so after we prayed the Stations of the Cross, as an expression of our love for the crucified Christ,  our beloved Saviour, Dh uncovered our altar cross and kissed it and then offered it to each one of us to kiss in order from eldest to youngest.

After this we had our Easter buns, which is a tradition we have had for a few years now too :)

Holy Saturday

With the fancy vases out ready for Easter flowers.

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  1. Fr John P did that way of uncovering the cross and we all kissed the feet of Jesus on the cross at the stations on Friday. So lovely that you had that at your home, too.